Holder Says ‘He’ll ‘Never’ Call Trump President


Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder said over the weekend the “Make America Great Again” mindset is “rooted in fear,” and lashed out at President Trump by saying he’ll “never call him president.”

Holder called the upcoming midterm elections an “opportunity to send a message” to the “present occupant of the White House, Mr. Trump.”

“I’ll never call him the president,” Holder said, noting the message would be directed to “the extremists who surround [Trump] and to those that support him, that we will not allow for the dismantling of the social compact forced by Roosevelt and other great presidents between we the people and our government.”

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  1. Uch. What a phony. If anyone would of spoke about Obama like that, Mr. Witholder would be screaming from the roof tops, RACIST RACIST RACIST. He would of been charged with a dreaded Hate Crime by the Thought Police in the DNC media.

  2. hey Mr holder – YOUR President was nothing more than a sitting lame duck in the WH for eight years who didn’t didlee for the American Citizens

  3. It’s funny I felt a lot more than that about Obama nothing but a piece of human debris somehow you had no problem calling him a president

  4. Eric Holder is a bitter, bigoted black man who hates white people.
    I met him when he worked at DOJ while Janet Reno was AG. He was the same bitter bigot then.

  5. This guy is a mad egg.

    Scramble him into the history books. Wrong wrong wrong.

    Ain’t the salt bitter? Smart.

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