Hoenlein Criticizes White House for Not Allowing Pollard to Attend Father’s Funeral


malcolm-hoenleinMalcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, expressed dismay and regret that Jonathan Pollard was not allowed to attend the funeral of his father.

“We believe that this humanitarian gesture was warranted. It underscores the need for prompt action to release Jonathan Pollard after 25 years of imprisonment,” he said. “His sentence is disproportionate to others who have committed similar crimes. Mr. Pollard has expressed remorse for his actions and has paid a heavy personal price as was witnessed today. The pursuit of justice should be tempered with compassion and we renew our humanitarian plea for his release,” said Hoenlein.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. #1, Whats wrong with you?
    Obama is to blame, his acton was very cruel, and he will get his just desserts in olam haemes.
    Bush didnt release Pollard either, what does that have to do with Obama? I called The whitehouse dozens of times at the end of bush’s presdency, but to no avail. I dont know why you think id say Its all bush’s fault. Why link two unlinked bad decisions? Obama is bad and Bush is why is it one or the other?
    Are you ever going to reply to a point I make? How about just once? Im guessing its becasue you cant, and you ae intimidated by emes

  2. That the Pres did not let him out to see his father before he died or to the funeral is disgusting!! Just goes to show how little he regards the Jews’ feelings. He could have gotten our endless gratitude so easily be letting Jonathan out for 24 hours and he did not even bother responding.

  3. the picture isn’t Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

  4. To number 4: Yes it is! Just because you are not used to seeing him in a hat doesn’t mean you know what you are talking about.

    It sure is Mr. Hoenlein!

  5. So many people called at the end of Bush’s presidency that they had to add on extra staff for the comment line. He didn’t pardon him, but he left the door open for it.

    I would love to be privy to whatever it is that is stopping our presidents from issuing a pardon.

    But in this case, we are to call the White House and ask him to commute the sentence to time served. 202-456-1414. We use derech eretz (respect).

  6. where was malcolm hoenlein in December 2008 after the Hanukah party at the white house when he asked GW Bush to free pollard and he dismissed him ( ie. he said no).

    How do we know this? Because he told a group of 50 at the Jewish Center in Manhattan this- but he didnt bring it to the press and it wasnt peddled in the press?

    I wonder why MH has such an ease in creaming Obama and not Bush ?
    I wonder.


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