Hizbullah Leader Claims Israel Is on the Verge of Collapse


Herb Keinon reports at the JPost that Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah claimed this week that Israel is on the verge of collapse.

“The Israeli leadership knows that it is difficult to convince people to enlist in the elite units, the combat units, and everyone prefers to serve in rear units. They lack the willingness to sacrifice that they once had; they have no motivation to endanger their lives,” he said.

According to IDF statistics, Keinon reports, 67% of those who enlisted in the summer of 2017 wanted to serve in combat units, as opposed to 68.8% in 2016. One of the reasons was a desire to serve in high-tech units that are of increasing import in modern warfare. At the same time, there are more applicants than places available in most Israeli combat and elite commando units. This is not exactly the same as everyone preferring “to serve in the rear units.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. There was an old Arab sleeping peacefully at one end of the village. Some children came and played there very noisily. He said to them why are you all here they are giving out free figs at the other end of the village.

    The children ran off and there was quiet once more. Suddenly, the old Arab got up and said what a fool I am they are giving out free figs and he ran off.

    Another example of Arabs believing their own propaganda. May Nasrallah have a big unpleasant suprise if he starts something.

  2. In psychology, this is called projection. Hizbullah is on the verge of collapse, so its leader projects this failure onto Israel.

    Sorry, towel head, we all get it.

  3. Meanwhile, in other news, Hizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has been living in a cave in fear of being dispatched to the other world by the Israelis.

    He rarely sees the light of day, which probably has affected his brain…

  4. The State of Israel’s demise is not going to come because how strong or smart the Hizballa ימ”ש are, or because how strong or smart the Russians are, or how strong and smart the Iranians are. It’s going to come because what it says in our Holy Torah. על מה אבדה הארץ? על עזבם את תורתי. We need to daven to Hashem השיבנו ה’ אליך ונשובה, חדש ימינו כקדם. אכי”ר.


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