Hitler’s Wife Was Jewish, DNA Test Suggests


hitlerNazi leader Adolf Hitler, who in his genocidal schemes attempted to murder every single Jew in the world, apparently himself married a woman of Jewish descent.

The shocking discovery was made through DNA testing on hair taken from an hairbrush, allegedly belonging to Eva Braun, Hitler’s long-time wife who married him hours before their joint suicide as the Nazi war machine crashed and burned.

Forensic scientists ran tests on hair samples from a monogrammed hairbrush found in 1945 by a US army intelligence officer in Braun’s private apartment at Hitler’s Alpine residence. Experts have confirmed that the brush belonged to Hitler’s wife.

The test revealed a specific sequence in the DNA passed through the maternal line through the generations known as haplogroup N1b1, associated with Ashkenazic Jews, reports The Independent. The sequence is considered strong proof that Braun may have actually been Jewish herself, given that Jewish identity is passed through the maternal line.

The shocking results are to broadcast next week on British TV’s Channel 4 documentary “Dead Famous DNA,” which bought eight strands of the hair for $2,000, and sent them to an international team of experts for analysis.

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  1. These DNA tests often turn out to be undependable. There is much room for error “hair” to make this credable. The hair strands on the brush could very easily have belonged to the maid!!!


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