HIT AND RUN: 11-Year-Old Boy Struck By Fleeing Driver in Bayswater


An 11-year-old boy riding a bike was struck by a hit-and-run driver on Healy Avenue, near Dickens Street, in Bayswater, NY, last night.

The NY Post reports that the incident occurred at around 7:40 p.m. and that boy was taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center in critical condition.

The driver of the sedan fled the scene.

Surveillance video posted on Twitter by @NYCityAlerts shows the moment of impact, when the boy flies from his bike and bounces off the windshield, as the car keeps going, dragging the bike several feet.

New York City Alerts:


  1. Why was the car driving so fast on a residential street?

    Such a street is not a highway, nor an expressway.

    Action is needed against speeding cars on our streets.

    Where is the NYS Senator from Brooklyn who recently blocked the renewal of speed cameras? We need more strong action against dangerous drivers.

    A cyclist was killed on Friday in Manhattan, and other cyclists have been killed R”L elsewhere in NYC recently.

    Stop the car-nage now!

  2. The driver was driving too fast and once he hit the child he should have stopped. He did however have the right of way because he did not have a stop sign.
    However the child is also to blame. He had a stop sign which means stop and look if any cars are coming. This he did not do so do not blame the driver for the accident. He is wrong on leaving the scene of the accident but the boy is at fault here for not stopping and looking.
    For some reason cyclists & pedestrians seem to think that traffic signs & rules do not apply to them.

    • Huh?

      You admit the car was speeding, but then you try to shift focus and blame elsewhere?

      If the driver was not speeding he would have more easily avoided crashing into the youngster.

      Measures need to be taken against dangerous driving.

  3. Kid ran the stop sign and made a left turn right into the oncoming car. The driver had no chance to stop. If the car driver would have stayed on the scene he would have been exonerated. Instead he ran away and now he is a criminal.

    • “The driver had no chance to stop.”

      If the driver would have been driving properly, and not have been speeding, he would have had more time to stop in time.


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