Historic Sefer Torah Returning to the Kosel


koselIt’s a picture that became one of the symbols of the Six-Day War: Chief IDF Rabbi Shlomo Goren arriving at the Kosel in Yerushalayim with a Sefer Torah and blowing a shofar.

This week, 48 years later, the same Sefer Torah will leave the IDF chief of staff’s office for a historical reenactment in the Kosel plaza.

It will be the first reenactment of the Torah’s arrival at the holy site, as part of an emotional ceremony which will include the arrival of 65 additional Sifrei Torah from around the world in memory of the soldiers killed in Operation Protective Edge and in Israel’s wars.

Goren’s Torah will be carried by three paratroopers, Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who will reenact the famous picture of Goren.

When Goren retired from his position as chief IDF rabbi, he took the Torah with him. Several months ago, after a years-long battle, the Torah was returned to the IDF. Three months ago, it was placed at the entrance to the chief of staff’s bureau.

The Torah’s arrival at the Kosel plaza will be reenacted today in the presence of President Reuven Rivlin, Defense Minister Ya’alon, Chief of Staff Eisenkot, Israel’s chief rabbis, bereaved families and the Shapira family. The event is being sponsored by the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) organization in the United States and Panama.

The famous Torah will arrive with 65 other Torahs donated by Jewish communities from around the world, as part of a project initiated by the Yad Labanim organization. Additional Torahs have been donated for the ceremony through the Defense Ministry by the Libi Fund, the Ministry of Religious Services and the Kosel rov. After the ceremony, the Torahs will be transferred to Yad Labanim memorial sites and IDF bases across the country in order to commemorate Israel’s fallen soldiers.


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