His Brooklyn Home Destroyed by Sandy, Mordechai Ben David Is Making Aliyah


mbdA few weeks ago, as first reported by Matzav.com, popular singer and songwriter Mordechai Ben David shot and distributed a video clip depicting the destruction of his neighborhood, Sea Gate, at the southwestern tip of Brooklyn, NY, in an effort to raise awareness-and donations-to rebuild this once thriving Jewish community.

The video starts at MBD’s basement recording studio, which has been totaled by the flood of ocean water-noting that the water only reached up to the level where pictures of famous rebbes were hanging. MBD then goes out to the beach, walking over the broken slabs of asphalt and concrete, surveying the astonishing damage.

Now rumor has it that MBD has decided to move to Israel, where he has purchased an apartment in a 330-unit residential complex being built at the T’nuva Compound, in the neighborhood of Romema, Yerushalayim.

In what appears in hindsight as nothing short of a stroke of prophecy, Jewish Press Online blogger Tzvi Fishman, a devoted advocate of Jewish immigration to Israel, has called on MBD and others just this week to turn the misfortune of Sandy into an opportunity:

“Brothers and sisters of New York and New Jersey- rebuild your washed-out communities in Israel! Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, and Shwekey – we have beautiful recording studios in Israel, as dry as can be! Instead of coming here for concerts on Chol HaMoed Sukkot and Pesach, come here to live, and give your holiday concerts in Brooklyn instead! It’s a lot safer living in Israel!”

The Jewish Press

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. My first thought was, how could he leave his community?

    My second thought is that he is one hundred percent correct.

    There have been two hurricanes in the last few years and the forecasters are predicting stronger ones in the future.

    It might be time for the Seagate community to relocate. Is it right to collect money and rebuild again next to an ocean?

  2. #2, I always shared your sentinment, yet never had the guts to say it. I understand the concept of living in a nice environmenmt away from all the hustle and bustle, but in a flood prone area, is it worth it?

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    Tehillim needed for Rabbi Shlomo Brevda Shlits who is still in the ICU. The name for Davening “Shlomo Laeb ben Miram”

    Thank You

  4. It might be time for the Seagate community to relocate. Is it right to collect money and rebuild again next to an ocean? Absolutely NOT. The general community should fund their moving and building in Eretz Yisroel, NOT in Seagate.

  5. Better he should stay and help. Why is he famous, if not for Brooklyn and Queens? So let him buy a house in an area that isn’t likely to be flooded. He’s copping out. People in the Tri-State area need chizuk, and he’s one person who can give a lot of it.

    And just maybe people in Seagate and Far Rockaway should be encouraged to move, too. They’re just sitting waiting for the next storm. It’s a shame, because Far Rockaway has always had a reputation as a great community, but living there has obviously become a risk to life.

  6. He purchased this apartment long before the recent disaster and was planning on moving, maybe it just gave him a push to do it sooner…

  7. Prophesy? The only prophesy nowadays is found by children and fools.
    Is it so amazing that the water didn’t touch the rebbes’ pictures? I think it’s more amazing that in a neighborhood where entire houses were leveled all the recording equipment was destroyed and nothing else.

  8. This story is misleading- this move was planned and announced long ago, maybe even a year ago. It had nothing to do with hurricane sandy.

  9. He purchased his new home last year and expressed his desire to retire and move to Jerusalem. I guess this moves up his timetable. May his life be enriched when he moves to Jerusalem

  10. Hey Matzav. Lets be truthful. Your website reported a few months ago, after MBD’s last CD, that he was retiring & moving to Eretz Yisroel. So this was already planned in advance, long before the storm. This is not a late breaking news item.

  11. He is not going because of the hurricane. I met his wife, whom I know, and she told me last year that they purchased an apartment and are going to relocate there…this is not a new idea they decided on because of the storm. It’s a plan long in the making…..

  12. They are not moving and it is not his last tape!! The only thing that changed is that they bought an apt. there so they go there now and then. Now that they will be working on his house in Seagate, they will go to Israel for a while. But they will be back. I know.

  13. To #2,6,11 imagine i tell you to move from your house now. Second if u don’t want to pay for us to rebuild no problem: just buy us a new house and furniture and all we will relocate to rebuild is about $100,000 and moving at least $600,000. Third this hurricane didn’t happen in atleast 100 year and fourth, when the rockets fly in israel sderot or jeruaalem your prob saying they should move.finally people living in these area are still suffering from hurricane sandy i was there today helping people clean what’s left of their house they r looking for a place to stay temp maybe you help them out and let them in your house. To all the people out there who came to help us all the way from Israel to local yidden we have no words to describe our heartfelt appreciation weather you helped physicially emotionally or finantially THANK YOU maybe hashem repay you with all the brochos you need

  14. Truly a right move:from Seagate to seeing the Gates of Yerushalayim, Shaarei Yerushalayim, to live in their proximity and to be zocheh ,as a ‘toshav’, to absorb the Kedusha of Yerushalayim and Eretz Yisroel.
    Truly an act of Aliya for other Seagaters, Belle harboresrs, Long Beachers and Manhattan Beachers to consider.


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