Hirsch Invitation Invites Yidden to Wedding in “Meah Shearim, Palestine”


hirsch-invitation-smallOne could say that it is a new low for the group of fringe fanatics who hijacked the name “Neturei Karta” and have engaged in all sorts of reprehensible behavior, from meeting and embracing some of the world greatest anti-Semites to just recently publically mocking one of the gedolei hador. The latest insanity appears on an invitation sent out by the family of Moshe Hirsch, one of the heads of Neturei Karta who died earlier this year.

 The invitation is for the upcoming wedding of a daughter of Mordechai Yehoshua Hirsch, a son of Moshe Hirsch, at the home of the kallah‘s parents.

The wedding, the invitation says, will “take place on Shabbos Parshas Shoftim, the eve of 4 Elul, at the home of the kallah‘s parents, in Meah Shearim, Yerushalayim Ihr Hakodesh Tovev”a, Palestine.”

Not in Israel, not Eretz Yisroel, but Palestine.

It remains to be seen how much further these individuals will degenerate.

Moshe Hirsch, grandfather of the kallah, officially served as Yasser Arafat’s “Minister for Jewish Affairs of the Palenstinian Authority.”

The kallah is Chaya Sarah Nechama Hirsch. The chosson, Menachem Mendel Reuven Gefner, is a son of Tzvi Hirsch Gefner.

The chasunah will be held at 37 Rechov Ein Yaakov in Meah Shearim – Palestine, according to the baalei simcha.

Click here to view the invitation.

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  1. BIG DEAL!

    What’s the difference between writing the zionist state of “Israel” or “Palestine”?

    Did anyone get hurt because of this?

  2. the point is not whether anyone is hurt by it.

    the point is that these people are so far off the map of Torah Judaism, and as the writer so excellently put it, they HIJACKED the name neturei karta which was a group of g-d fearing jews, and they have hijacked our garb and our religion and make believe it is theirs.

    These people have the din of rodfim, and if there would be a bais din today we’d be permitted to kill them. There is no question.

  3. I don’t know about you but it sure hurts me to see yidden who forget the REAL name of that land – “Eretz Yisroel”. The name Palastina was given by the Romans…

    Of course they aren’t the only site to hurt these days, but they’re sure one of them…

  4. To 4. The time they are referring to is are Shaos Zmaniyos – not the time kept by the medina chas v’sholom. The chasuna is on Erev Shabbos. The chuppa is an hour after chatzos (i.e. 7:00) and 2:00 according to the non-jewish clock.


  6. The Neturei Karta meshugaim! They are no less the erev rav than the elitist leadership in E.Y. who have put the bnei Yisrael in dire danger by their actions. These are the lowest of the low. This is the same despicable behavior that they display at rallies and demonstrations when they stand up for our avowed enemies and commit a chilul Hashem of gigantic proportions. Now before Rosh Hashanah, this is just another stupid act for them and may it only be ‘their’ problem for their sin is great! Hashem knows that the Jewish people have disassociated themselves from these crazies.

  7. Don’t give them money, don’t support their institutions. Don’t invite their leaders and supporters to come to America to conduct “Tishen”,weekend Shabbosem,,private visits to take Kvittlich, and Parlor meetings, which are fund raisers that keep them in business.

  8. “The group of fringe fanatics. . . have engaged in all sorts of reprehensible behavior. . .just recently publicly mocking one of the Gedolei HaDor.”

    Which one of the Gedolei HaDor did they recently mock?

  9. This is very important news. It is very nice that matzav.com is giving them the stage. They would have never reached this Choshuver tzibbur

  10. WHY Yerushalayim?
    Al Quds for them, no?
    If they plan to go the whole route with the Palestinians, then there is NO Jerusalem.
    Mea Shearim either for that matter.

  11. Sad when yidden decide to prevert the truth.

    There was a bunch of them this past shabbos demonstrating in Berlin with the Muslims against Eretz Yisroel and its rockets on Gaza murderers.
    Those who think to ignore them or just push them to the side are making a mistake also.

  12. #18 even if that were true, it wouldn’t change a thing. Doeg haedomi and achitofel were bigger talmidei chachamim than hirsh, they still lost chelek in olam haba…

  13. If he wants he can go and live with the palestinians and then I think he’ll change his mind a little or maybe it’ll be too late then since they hate jews… good luck

  14. Rabbi Yankel Weisberg told me in the name of a big godol that the jewish agency heads in the 1950’s were so evil that they came from the seed of Amaleik. We need the Neturay karta to balance out the pride we have in the Jewish state. We forget how evil they were, and how evil they would be if not for the Intifada. They would love to intermarry with the Arabs and get rid of us.

  15. Ferd!!!! Even if you don’t agree with the medina,the land is still eretz yisroel .eretz asher ainai hashem eloikecha buh mairaishis shanah vead achris hashana

  16. Does anyone know these people personally? I tend to think this group is as legit as when the Feds set up a gang to infiltrate outlaw motorcycle gangs. I can understand Jews feeling differently about political Israel, but I do not get, at all, how observant yidden would actually meet today’s enemies of the Jews, as well as embrace such absurd concepts that are totally against Jewish interests. I cannot accept these are Jews at all and suspect they are nonJews who are part of another odd covert program.

  17. Writing “Israel” is just as bad, if not worse, than writing “Palestine”. Both are equally wrong. The only correct title is “Eretz Yisroel”, not the name of the zionist state.

  18. good luck to that couple. That is a serious thing and the father is using his own daughter and son in law for his own purposes. The couple must be very young and is not even aware of the implications of this, they must have been very protected from the outside world and don’t even realize that this is endangering Jews everywhere in many ways. They are sociopaths, but there must be some pgam in their neshamos to do this.

  19. When asked about NK said they are like Conservative/Reform Jews NO connection to Daas Torah.

    Dear #28 Two Evils Do not make a right. Besides why in the world are bringing stories of 50 years ago. We are talking about 5771/2!

  20. They are not hurting us? We protest NK for the same reason we protest Open “Orthodoxy” because they claim to be Torah observant AND are not!

  21. I used to be neighbors w/ his sister in ramat eshkol, who married a nice…sfardi. I know who’s not showing up! will there be a shabbos photographer?

  22. #28
    I am sick and tired of seeing people write ” in the name of a big gadol” say his name and let me decide how worthy his words are. Ill find you a “big gadol” that will say anything. and who is Rabbi Yankel Weisberg

  23. At what point do we put them in Cherem and have nothing to do with these Bnai Amalek who pretend to be Jews. Have you no self respect?

  24. some of the hate spewed by commentators is much more troubling than a sily invitation.
    btw, motti hirsch never went to iran or was seen in public with arab leaders. also, to hater #14 “uncle george” motti hirsch does not take anyone’s money, have institutions to support, conduct “Tishen”,weekend Shabbosem,, or do private visits to take Kvittlich, and Parlor meetings, or make any fund raisers that keep “them” in business.
    but, of course,. people like you just love to tar all “black haters” with one brush.

  25. Israel is Israel. We all know the correct name for this land today and tomorrow too I anticipate. That is not a big deal. If some yahoo wants to write palestine and is Jewish, who cares. Let them. This article just gives them the publicity that they absolutely LOVE. So guess what guys, backfired story on this count I say. But I would write Israel or EY of course. EY makes perfect sense.

  26. I have a book entitled “A Short History of the Jewish People” by Cecil Roth, published in 1936, a not so short 468 pages BTW. He repeatedly refers to the area as Palestine.

  27. BS”D Thank G-d that these meshiguners are barely a slice of Yidden. May Hashem have mercy upon His people, and not punish us for this perverted part of our collective soul. Even those who are a “little off base” (I’m being kind), acknowledge this as Eretz Yisroel and Eretz Hakodesh. Only someone who has truly fallen away from the Jewish fold (r”l) would align itself with Romans, and all the enemies of Yidden. It is Elul – a time for reflection and tshuvah – let us pray for those who have stumbled! A Gut Chodesh, Yidden!




  29. Before we make comments about groups of yidden,
    especially trying to exclude them,and claim they do not represent “DAAS TORAH”,lets think
    of it this way: The comments we make would
    OUR TORAH APPROVE!? Would our GEDOYLIM approve?
    it’s very easy to degrade people,no,i am not
    NITUREI KARTEH,but I humbly think before we make harsh statements like that,we must ensure
    it is infact DAAS TORAH,and ensuring we are not
    going against TORAH ourselves.(Just something
    to think hard about in ELUL!)

  30. Some 30 years ago RMH made a chasana and all the mir bachurim went just to see the palestinian and jordanian honchos who came to be mesameach chosson vkalla.

  31. (#23): “There was a bunch of them this past shabbos demonstrating in Berlin with the Muslims against Eretz Yisroel and its rockets on Gaza murderers.”

    Eretz Yisroel, being a piece of land, doesn’t throw rockets on anyone. You mean the State of Israel. Then don’t be afraid to write it: “State of Israel.” There. That was easy. Now, thank me very much for my comment.

  32. first of all it seems to me that most gedoilim agreed that the state of israel has got no religious relevance at all
    secondly it is true that writing eretz yisroel would have been more sensible
    thirdly how can a chasuna take place on shabbos?


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