Hillary Tells Businesses to Share Profits


hillary clintonHillary Clinton called for corporations to share profits with workers in an economic-policy speech delivered today. 

“Hard-working Americans deserve to benefit from the record corporate earnings they helped produce,” she said. “So I will propose ways to encourage companies to share profits with their employees. That will be good for workers and good for business. Studies show profit-sharing that gives everyone a stake in a company’s success can boost productivity and put money directly into employees’ pockets. It’s a win-win.”

Clinton also attacked Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker, marking them as her most formidable opponents from the other side of the aisle. Read more at Business Insider.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. big talker, lets see her share her profits. her husband speaks for some unidentified person paying him. millions from speeches. those milliions should all be shared…

  2. Yeh right. Hey Hillary, why don’t YOU “share” you and your husbands millions that you got for speaking engagements?! You are a despicable phony and even the average dumb sports following, movie watching, American can perceive!

  3. Such profit sharing plans are actually very common among major corporations in the form of employee stock ownership plans. Their big promoter was the late Sen. Russell Long.

  4. She’s go generous and good-hearted! Only a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy would be so cynical to suggest that this is electioneering populism.

  5. Except that “profit-sharing” directly ignores the supply and demand of labor markets. You are literally asking companies not to maximize their profits. While that may (arguably) work for very large companies, success or failure in a competitive market is determined by very small profit margins. The only thing hard working Americans deserve is the wage or salary that they agreed to.

  6. Wonderful idea, Hillary. And I think a splendid place to begin would be speechmakers who more in one speech than most hard-working Americans do in one year. Or foundations that make millions – billions? – of dollars doing virtually nothing.


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