Hillary: Husband’s Tarmac Meeting With AG Lynch Had Nothing To Do With Loss


Hillary Clinton rejects the idea that a June 2016 meeting between her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch critically damaged her White House bid.

“I just don’t buy that,” Clinton said in a PBS interview aired Friday evening to promote her new book, “What Happened,” about her loss last year to Donald Trump.

As Clinton has in several other, recent interviews promoting the book, she heaped much of the blame on then-FBI Director James Comey. Read more at Fox News.



  1. not quite accurate. for a few of us who follow mach’shaefa lo s’chayeh, it assured that we needn’t vote for the shlemiel, either; since Bill had given her the coup-de-grace.

  2. She’s right. Nothing was her fault. So far, analysts have tallied up 52 different excusess why she didn’t win and she’s not to blame for a single one of them

  3. You could spit right in her face, and she will claim that it’s raining.
    This woman has no sense of decency, no streak of integrity, whatsoever.

  4. Well, yes, that is correct. The purpose of that meeting was to help her win. Ms. Lynch promised Bill that she would make sure no charges would be brought against his corrupt wife. Remember, it was Loretta who commanded the puppet Comey, to use the word “matter”, not “investigation”.

  5. I would care wise to note one special merit of this election. A woman keen to wear pants suits lost to a man keen to wear a hat. The idea of the bible is pretty worrisome never to forget.

    Men must keep a covered head and a woman not dress as a man.

    In all thought, I like Ms. Clinton as a mind but the reality is she may in my thoughts have totally lost by just an ignorance of the bible.

    Margaret Thatcher was wise to wear dresses. She was not on a power kick to look like a man.

    So it is no apology for this election she should give other than to trash all of her outfits. A woman will wear a dress and it will be intelligent.

    Why else would Hashem let such an arrogant dream of hate become our president. The lady did not want a future for our pace of life. She wanted to presume that a woman could not properly dress and hold high office.

    It failed.

    Next woman ever to run is at a huge disadvantage. She killed it.

    Bible lessons real. Now we have to put up with Trump.

    Thatcher was holy.

    G-d bless America. Maybe they will get it.

  6. Hillary has proven in her book how self-absorbed she is and therefore unfit to have been elected the President of the US. A narcissistic person, a self-centered person, cannot be a leader because their interest is only in themselves. Just the opposite of the current great President who’s entire goal is for the people. When was the last time America merited a real President, a President concerned for each and every one of us, even for 10 year old Pickles. You cannot deny that everyone loves President Trump. May Hashem give him strength to overcome the evil surrounding him and the Satan in his midst.

  7. “……….Husband’s Tarmac Meeting With AG Lynch Had Nothing To Do With Loss…….”
    But it did have a lot to do with why Hillary belongs in prison.

  8. “Husband’s Tarmac Meeting With AG Lynch Had Nothing To Do With Loss”
    She’s wrong.
    While it wasn’t the main reason for her loss, no individual incident was. Rather, it was the cumulative effect of one unsavory incident after another, and this was one of them. Trying to pin Hillary’s loss one just one incident is like trying to blame an avalanche on the snowflake that started the landslide.


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