Hillary: Don’t Blame All Muslims for Bombing


At a press conference this morning, Hillary Clinton expressed solidarity with law-enforcement officials attempting to track down 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahimi in connection with bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey.

The Democratic presidential nominee also took the opportunity to hit her opponent, Donald Trump, for his calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. “There are millions of law-abiding, peaceful Muslim Americans,” Clinton said, calling for a more advanced visa system. “So let’s not get diverted or distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. This is a serious challenge. We are well-equipped to meet it. And we can do so in keeping with smart law enforcement, good intelligence, and in concert with our values.”

The following is from Hillary’s Twitter account:

.@HillaryClinton: “There are millions of law-abiding, peaceful Muslim Americans.”pic.twitter.com/4J32PWxit2



  1. Repeat after me “Islam is a religion of peace” “Violence among Muslims is an aberration”. If you repeat this 1000 times you will turn into a Hillary Clinton clone.

  2. Easy for her to talk, when she has 24/7 private security. The average dumb stupid American shlub, with all his guns stripped of him, is totally vulnerable. Besides from air conditioners, Muslim terrorism is the greatest threat to our freedoms and way of life. If a potential President can’t come to terms with that and call it like it is, they should not have the trust of the American people.

  3. Anybody that votes for this libertard, will have forfeited his/her right to complain when the Islamofacists turn this once great country into a clone of Eurostan. Sorry for not being politically correct, If I hurt your itsy bitsy feelings. please go to your nearest safespace. It’s conveniently located at a university near you. There you can massage each others egos, and whine about microaggresions and lack of trigger warnings.

  4. I think Twitter should just send “There are millions of law-abiding, peaceful Muslim Americans.” 5 times a day to the masses. Like clock work. That is her plan to fight terrorism.

  5. Hillary is right. Ethnoxenophobia is hate.

    Look at this woman’s intelligence. She uses words like “concert” in a syllogism of humane hope. This is the leader among the two running.

    Seriously, what new words does Trump introduce besides “I told you so” and “Believe me”.

    Something tells me that Mr. Kaine is going to have a forthright real rich time with his future appearances. He knows exactly what the negative ear is in the Trump dynasty.

    War favors for Hillary. She is leading us forward in difficult times.

  6. Thank you, Mrs. Clinton, for deigning to lean over the railing of your ivory tower and lecture us, the great unwashed, about rising above the innate prejudices the basket of deplorables (us, again) harbor toward others.

    We were blind, we were chumps
    The bombing’s fault is Donald Trump’s
    Now we’re blessed, we can see
    The shining light that’s Hillary

    She is good, she’s adorable
    We are mud, we’re deplorable
    She’s got flair, she’s got panache
    Now go give her fund all your cash

  7. One should not blame ALL Muslims for the acts of terror committed by some of them, just as one shouldn’t blame all Democrats for the actions of their lyin’ thievin’ Presidential nominee. There are millions of honest, truthful Democrats. Not all of them are like their leader.

  8. I don’t blame all Muslims for terrorism, nor does any intelligent and educated person! That would be no less ignorant than blaming all bacteria for diseases.

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