Hillary Clinton’s Popularity Has Plunged Since Election, Poll Finds


Hillary Clinton, well over a year after she lost the 2016 election to President Trump, is less popular than ever, according to a poll released this week.

Only 27 percent of those polled had a very or somewhat positive view of the former secretary of state, according to The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. That makes her less popular than President Trump, whose popularity registered at 35 percent. It is a new low for her in the poll, which clocked her popularity at 30 percent in August 2017.

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  1. At elections she was only popular for about 15% of the population. The rest of her bogus “popularity” then was among the deceased and criminals.
    Today she’s only popular among the corrupt politicians and Antifa terrorists.
    While President Trump’s popularity today is almost 90% according to real polls.

    • Don’t believe this fake news troll. Here are the real numbers:
      1) Trump’s popularity: 180%. It would’ve been even higher, but the other 5% of voters weren’t reachable.
      2) Hillary’s popularity: -400%. That’s right, 1,200,000,000 Americans would need to change their minds just to bring her up to zero percent.
      3) Hillary’s popularity among corrupt politicians and Antifa terrorists: 600%. They’re all Mexicans, too.

      The above numbers are 100% true. They have been verified by the New York Times, CNN, Pravda and Bashar Assad. Any other source is fake news and you’re stupid if you believe it. Uh-oh, there goes the doorbell – gottta run, the Deep State must’ve found meeeee…..

  2. She is still in the news only because the old witch Jill Stein demanded a recount after Hillary lost. It was Jill that kept Hillary in the news and it snowballed from there. We are still suffering today because of what that ugly fiend did back then!


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