Hillary Clinton: Trump Is the Most Dangerous U.S. President in History

Hillary Clinton has warned that “the whole world should be concerned” with President Donald Trump in charge. In a clip from an interview with the Australia Broadcasting Corp.’s Four Corners set to air next Monday, the former U.S. secretary of state responded to a question from host Sarah Ferguson on whether Trump is the “most dangerous president” ever in the U.S. by saying, “I think he is.”


“He is impulsive, he lacks self-control, he is totally consumed by how he is viewed and what people think of him, he is vindictive,” she said. Clinton had issued a similar warning before Trump’s election win last year, describing him as the most dangerous man ever to run for president. Read more at ABC’S FOUR CORNERS.




  1. This is a classic case of “projecting”. Everything she just said about President Trump, is exactly how SHE operates. When will this sore loser just go away and leave us all alone?

  2. Look who’s talking about dangerous when she herself has almost 125 people on the Clinton Body Count – where most of them are still before elections. Could you imagine how her CBC would increase had she ch”v become president? Hillary is unquestionably the biggest sore loser in US History. We love to watch you whine for the next 7.5+ years.

  3. Goats and Winter Goals.

    Hillary is too much gobstopped by her own unorthodox outlook.

    A woman to discuss and perhaps in 2016 to support. She fails because she herself is too wrapped up in her own problem with presentation and poor called manner.

    I have said it 100 times. The problem with 2016 was not woman versus man, not vulgarity versus polite intellect. It was simply orthodoxy versus unorthodoxy in dress.

    Here is why. She wears her pants suit ‘religiously’ and abhors a woman’s garb of a proper dress. There is no femininity. In all thought the prayer of man does not support and thus the creation of the ‘deplorable’ voter is to be expected. In all its a scientific mysticism of hate. Even the verbal hate of Donald did not remove the voter. She is a case in point of why women MUST be women.

    And if that gets into our discussion, enjoy. We never saw failure among women who dressed like Women. Sufragettes, Margaret Thatcher and any other who is proper and wears skirts and dresses.

    Am I insane or was the whole Hillary personna her dangerous attire always noted. If its noted, its unusual.

    So thats my thought as a jew who might think there is mysticism in an election cycle no soul would agree right format.

    Still, do not think we are out of the gutter. Trump did wear hats and cover his head. Orthodox in public even if the message is hate.

    A total drive of terror for the entire American mind.

    Yet we have a King. Let us find more solace in our prayer and hope that the future is women in dresses and men who cover their head. That might be the only reason Trump could take 2016.

    Got watery eyes or is the goat just a bad mood? We need not scapegoat the world.


  4. She is the craziest presidential cadidate that we ever had. Not only is she crazy, but when she not on an alchoholic trip, she’s planning with her pedophilic hubby how to best knock off the people around her who know too much. Now tell me who’s dangerous?


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