Hillary Clinton Steps Up Her Involvement In The Midterms


Clinton, through her political organization Onward Together, donated the maximum of $5,000 to 19 Democratic House candidates and four secretary of state candidates in June, according to the group’s filings with the Federal Election Commission.

The donations represent the most concentrated midterm effort the former Democratic presidential nominee has made to date and further thrust Clinton into an election that will be the most potent judgment on Trump since he defeated her two years earlier.

Eleven of the House candidates who received donations from Clinton are vying to flip districts represented by Republicans in Congress that she won in 2016.

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  1. The machshefa woke up. Get back on your broom and fly back to nagging bill your poor husband. Leave America alone.

  2. Wow, all the blood from the growing list on the Clinton Body Count is already showing externally. And yet, she’s still on the loose.

  3. Please speak with more Derech Eretz about someone who has so much influence and power.

    We are still in Golus.

    And besides do you prefer a Democratic party headed by people like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez R’L?

    • no she really isnt but keep bluring the lines so you cant tell who to really watch out for.
      someone like that cortez is like Bernie. hillery is probably one the most conservative demacrats their are. you realize she’s a warhawk which is a very uncommon position in the demacratic party. jews need to be on the lookout for people like cortez and Bernie. they are the ones who would hurt israel unlike anything a moderat/conservative democrat.

  4. She is taking a Step up. She must be careful. Every time she steps she goes flying. I guess she is the flying witch.

  5. Cock the gun and buy the war of weddings. Hillary has the dumb louse daughter of the lifetime. A democrat to rise the highest a woman has become to the glass cradle of her own breaking bough.

    Will we see any humane thought from a woman who has debts to highest the ridiculous? She is not iconic. She is a dream open to determined new worth of the louses of the future. A highest paid individual.

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