Hillary Clinton Speaks Out Against Trump’s Refugee Ban


In a tweet to supporters, Hillary Clinton expresses her support for the people across the country fighting against the executive order signed by President Donald Trump that has led to the detainment of refugees and immigrants trying to enter the United States from a number of Muslim countries.

“I stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values & our Constitution,” the former Democratic candidate wrote. “This is not who we are.” The message came after a federal judge stayed the deportations of those already in transit.


  1. All of a sudden dems talk about constitution, 8 years obama couldn’t care less about it and not a word from them.
    And Hillary your wrong again doesn’t say in constitution that America need to let people in, let alone dangerous people.
    Hillary get lose!

  2. Like yes…. of course hilarious clinton is against Trump’s refugee ban…. her presidential goal was to change America into a moslem country. Arafat ym”s was her beastie.
    You know what hillary, No One asked you for your opinion.

  3. hillary, as far as i’m concerned, you’re toast. the only things your comments ever did for you was to NOT get you elected. so, why don’t you just continue walking your dog along with your husband, bill.

  4. Go away Hillary. We are not interested in you corrupt, left wing views. President Trump has an 8 year mess to clean up. Let him do his job.

  5. I guess Clinton wants the US to look like the EU that there will be more migrants then citizens and they are draining the treasuries dry. What is going to happen is that the citizens of these countries will have to pay more and more taxes to keep these migrants and the citizens will be getting less and less. I keep wondering when the citizens of those countries will start waking up I hope when it is not too late. We now are still in the safe zone but we have to keep awake and do it slowly and bring in the ones that want to be free and safe and not the destroyers.

  6. What is this מכשפה worried about? The ban is on immigrants from those countries, not the money. Her foundation could still get all the petrodollars she desires.


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