Hillary Clinton: Becoming a Bubby Could Halt 2016 Bid


hillary-clintonFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that becoming a bubby could derail her bid for the White House in 2016. “I’m about to have my first grandchild, which I’m thrilled about,” Clinton told PBS journalist Charlie Rose in an interview. “I can’t wait.”

“I want to see what that feels like,” she added. “I’m not going to skip over it. I want to really be present, as I meet this … new person in our family.”

Chelsea Clinton and her husband, investment banker Marc Mezvinsky, are expecting their first child this fall. They married in 2010.

Hillary Clinton said she would decide later this year on whether she would seek to become the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.

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  1. I don’t see where this would derail anything. She just has to delay announcing so that her “brand” doesn’t wear thin too quickly.

  2. Hate to inform people many of our presidents had grandchildren and didn’t give up living.
    And unless her daughter converted to Judaism the baby will only have a Jewish father and a gentile mother. So?

  3. Please spend as much time with your grandchild as you need. We Americans can wait until he grows up and you grow older.

  4. I hope she never makes it to the Whitehouse! She would continue in Obama’s
    horrible footsteps! And she is anti- Israel! Please do not call her a Bubby!


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