Hillary ‘50-50’ On Running For NYC Mayor, Insider Claims


Hillary Clinton is seriously considering a run for New York mayor, according to a major city political insider, who claims she’s “50-50,” the NY Post reports.

Supermarket magnate John Catsimatidis said he talked to the failed Democratic presidential nominee, and came away convinced she may try to resurrect her political career by challenging Mayor de Blasio this year.

“I spoke to her about it, but she didn’t indicate or signal to me [whether she would run]. She didn’t say never, she didn’t say no. In my personal opinion, it’s 50-50,” the billionaire owner of Gristedes Foods told The Real Deal real-estate blog Monday. Read more at the NY Post.




  1. I hate the way she plays the media. First, we hear stories about how anonymous people want her to go for office. Then, she considers it carefully. And finally, albeit reluctantly, Hillary demurely agrees to run for office. You know, for the good of the people.

    She follows the same tired script each time.

  2. Catsimatidis is a total joke. When he attempted to run for Mayor himself, even with his billions, was a disaster. Even Joe Lhota, who according to our askanim, “lacked personality”, hadley beat Catsimatidis. Everything this moron says, is exactly the opposite. Last week he claimed that Andrew Cuomo was not going to run for President in 2020. What an idiot. Anyone with a half a brain knows that Cuomo will DEFINITELY be running and actually has an excellent chance of winning. Cuomo is the only one that can actually rejuvenate the Democrat Party and get them back up on their feet. He is very smart and knows what it takes to get elected. He is a practical left leaning centrist, very similar to Bill Clinton. He will stick his hand out the window and see which way the wind is blowing. He is not beholden to the corrupt Democrat machine. He never was. Never will be. That’s why he’s the best kept secret waiting to burst on the public scene.
    Cats, again, couldn’t be more wrong about Hillary. SHE WILL NEVER RUN FOR MAYOR OF NEW YORK! She worked her way up to running for President, twice, and there is no backing down. That was the ultimate prize. She already went thru all the preliminary steps, including being First lady, Senator, Secretary of State. She will gain NOTHING from being Mayor, as far as advancing her career is concerned. She has no interest in becoming Mayor, just to be a Mayor. As she approaches her 70th birthday, she has no room for such an aggravating difficult job. She has her millions and will lack nothing, other than a husband that respects her, for the rest of her life. Despite the fawning over her by the sick feminists in this Country, HER PUBLIC CAREER IS OVER! Get it thru your thick heads.

    • Are you forgetting her lust for power??!! Her choice is to either disappear, or to take the job as “America’s mayor” and be a top leader and ruler in the democratic party.

      Get it thru your thick head. She wants power, relevancy and to be busy. Now that her little vacation and grieving is over, this is where she is aiming for.

      • Anything less than President, is not kavod for her. It would be a bizayon. It’s like telling a CEO of a large corporation who seeks a job in a fortune 500 company and they tell him, sorry that job is not available but you can work in the copy room and make photocopies and when you finish that, you can help the secretary file papers in the proper filing cabinet. Or you can work as a security officer for the loading elevator. Doz iz der zelba zach. You don’t understand how baale gaava think.

        • Sorry, “you don’t understand how baale gaava think.”

          A CEO candidate who cannot qualify for a CEO job anymore will not sit around in a homeless shelter. After a break, they will take the next best job. “America’s Mayor” is the next best job to president! (That she could get)

  3. You saw it here first. Hillary Clinton will NOT run for the mayor of NYC. It’s possible she will enjoy the speculation for a while but she won’t run in the end.

    Why would she do it? It is a very hard job with tremendous demands on her time and energy and plenty of mud slinging going her way. On the other hand if she doesn’t she can make her own schedule and be flying around (first class of course) making a fortune from speeches and getting a lot of kovod from Democrats dying to hear her opinion all around the country.Why would she give that up?

    • Her speech time is over. She is considered an irrelevant has-been. If she becomes “America’s Mayor”, then she will be able to make big news lines, be in the liberal limelight, and her speeches would be considered relevant. Now she’s considered a has-been with little relevance.

    • Why would she do it?

      Maybe as Mayor she can cause problems for the Donald’s business. Her incompetent protege, the current mayor is trying, but he is alas incompetent

  4. Hillary herself intends on running for mayor, health-permitting and legal issues permitting. If those do not hinder her, there’s a 90%+ chance that she will run for mayor.

  5. What a let-down for her. Was Secretary of State. Ran for President. Lost that.
    Now to run for Mayor?
    What a “busha”!!!
    Not gonna happen.
    But it would be interesting to hear DiBlas throw mud at her.

  6. She had to continue to fund her foundation. She already closed the Clinton Global initiative, she can’t afford to close the whole thing. Irrelevance to her is suicide.


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