Hilarious: Watch Two Women Try And Fail To Go Down An Escalator





  1. Why did you post a picture of Hillary when posting a video of a couple doing something that makes them feel very foolish? What is the sheichis? Why do you have the need to somehow tie Hillary to these simple fools. What you’re trying to do is despicable. I thought better of your editorial decisions. I was wrong!

  2. Yes, it’s funny to watch two clueless people try to walk down an “Up” escalator. Still, it’s not aidel to post a clip like this to mock people on a frum website and I’m honestly surprised that you did. Please remove it.

  3. They were trying to get to their cars to drive home from there!
    Boy, aren’t we all safer with them struggling on the escalator instead!

  4. The reason he posted it was Bec he’s trying to teach us the following- in life the yetzer hora tries to drag us down but if your living with the Torah (elavator) you will automatically be dragged up! Be connected with Torah!!


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