Hikind’s New Website Examines The Past… And Looks To The Future


dov-hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has unveiled his new website DOVHIKIND.COM, which offers viewers a detailed look at the Assemblyman’s life-long community activism and advocacy.

Even before he was elected to public office, Hikind toiled on behalf of his community. His unwavering commitment to Soviet and Syrian Jewry, to bringing justice to Nazi War Criminals, and to easing the plight of the Jewish poor, became themes that would last a lifetime and began to define Hikind as a fearless champion of his community. Representing Brooklyn’s 48th Assembly District since 1983, Hikind continues to serve as a constant reminder of what we can accomplish when we work together to make life better for everyone.

“Technology continues to make the world a smaller place,” said the Assemblyman. “It’s easier now than ever before to find information and quickly, but the nature of the internet also allows for plenty of false information. Consequently, the idea of having a website that allows our community to look back on what we’ve accomplished was very attractive to me. Many of the people who visit my website weren’t even born yet when I took office. They don’t really know what things were like.”

The son of Holocaust survivors, Hikind agrees with George Santayana’s saying that those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. “I’m delighted by the opportunity to share our community’s accomplishments with this new generation,” he says. “Our new website is informative, engaging and invites people to get involved. We are presenting a view into the past, but we are clearly looking at the future.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. As long as he’s D-Brooklyn, he has some explaining to do about that D. When does a party deteriorate so much that affiliation with it has to end?


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