Hikind To Confront Leading Holocaust Denier In New York


david-irvingAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) was disgusted to learn that David Irving-a leading Holocaust denier and historical revisionist-is planning to speak in New York City to promote the hate literature that he sells on his website. “If this hate monger from the UK comes to New York, I’ll be there with other educated New Yorkers to confront him,” said Assemblyman Hikind.

Hikind, the son of Holocaust survivors, represents the largest number of Holocaust survivors and their descendants in the United States. For years, the Assemblyman has successfully prevented hate salesmen like Irving from poisoning the minds of the uninformed. In recent years, Hikind convinced AmericanExpress and MasterCard to withdraw support from numerous haters like Irving operating in the United States and abroad when he discovered many organizations selling racist, anti-Semitic and

Holocaust Denial products (books, videos) via websites through major credit card sales.

“David Irving is essentially Ahmadinejad II,” said Hikind. “We are duty bound to not allow lairs and haters like him to go unchallenged.”

David Irving is commonly regarded as one of the most vile and vociferous racists and Holocaust deniers in the world. He has stated, “I don’t think there was any overall Reich policy to kill the Jews. If there was, they would have been killed and there would not be now so many millions of survivors.” He called the book Did Six Million Really Die “90%… factually accurate” and in 1989 was condemned in a motion by the United Kingdom’s House of Commons for publishing and writing the foreword to Auschwitz: The End of the Line. The motion described Irving as a “Nazi propagandist and longtime Hitler apologist.”

In a 1989 pamphlet, Irving announced that there was no mass murder in the gas chambers at the Auschwitz death camp and called the gas chambers at Auschwitz a “hoax.” In the early 1990s, He frequently visited Germany to speak at neo-Nazi rallies, claiming that there were no gas chambers at the death camps in a speech delivered in Munich, which led to his conviction for Holocaust denial in Munich in 1991. During his 1992 appeal, Irving called upon those present in the Munich courtroom to “fight a battle for the German people and put an end to the blood lie of the Holocaust which has been told against this country for fifty years.”

After denying the Holocaust in speeches given in Austria, the Austrian government also issued an arrest warrant for Irving and barred him from entering the country. In 1992 he was found guilty by a German court of Holocaust denial under the Auschwitzlüge section of the law against Volksverhetzung and was subsequently barred from entering Germany. Italy, Canada and Australia soon followed suit. In 2005, the Austrian police arrested Irving, who then pled guilty to the charge of “trivializing, grossly playing down and denying the Holocaust.” He was sentenced to three years imprisonment. In 2006, Irving was released from prison, then banned from ever returning to Austria.

Irving is currently touring the United States in an effort to raise money and continue spreading his revisionist history. His “Fifty Year Fight for Real History” is scheduled for:

July 12, Niagara Falls, NY
July 13, Syracuse, NY
July 14, Manchester, NH
July 15, Boston, MA
July 16, New Haven, CT
July 17, New York City, NY
July 18, Princeton, NJ
July 19, Philadelphia, PA
July 20, Baltimore, MD
July 22, Washington, DC
July 23, Richmond, VA
July 24, Raleigh, NC
July 25, Charlotte, NC
July 26, Columbus, SC

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  1. We should be notifying all Jewish federations around the United States where he is going to speak to mobilize Jewish and non Jewish activists to protest and contact the places that have agreed to host his program and to educate each community about his upcoming appearances?

  2. If I have no connections in the Catskills ( no one to go to, no one to visit, no barbeque, no shopping), must I shlep up 3 hours, spend one hour on the Camp grounds, then shlep 3 hours back to the City, in traffic, spend over $100 dollars in gas, just to come up on visiting day in order to give some 16 year old counselor a tip?

  3. why does the U.S. allow this hate monger in?? Civilized nations such as Canada, Austria , Britain , Australia bvar him from entering. Shouldn’t the U.S.-home to the most jews after Israel , be on the front line to bar this racist hate monger????

  4. How does this guy book so many speaking tours? I would like to go around saying drashos and selling books like this

  5. Michael Savage has been banned from not-so-Great Britain for his hate speech – which is really only diatribe and shtik – yet this hate monger is allowed free access to our shores? Does the second amendment cover outsiders too? Who says!!!

  6. Refuting the Jew Haters by Mr. Cohen, 2014/4/27,
    moderator of the Derech Emet yahoo group

    I do NOT suggest that any Jew waste his or her time arguing with Jew haters, for many reasons.

    First, our obligation as Jews is to serve G_d, not argue with Jew hating lunatics.

    Second, they can be dangerous, and even if you think you are anonymous on the internet, you are not as anonymous as you think you are, and they may find you, G_d forbid.

    Third, many Jew haters are fanatics and/or lunatics, who will never listen to anything you say, or even use your words against Jews in ways you did not anticipate.

    Still, there are rare situations when it helps to know how to refute their accusations against Jews; for example, when a sincere Gentile co-worker or neighbor is influenced by the accusations of the Jew haters.

    One favorite accusation of the Jew haters is that Jews have been expelled from many countries and cities. Jew haters use this to imply that Jews are bad people.

    This accusation can be countered.

    When a Medieval king expelled Jews from his country, Jews were usually not able to take their possessions with them, so all the possessions of the Jews became the property of the king, including: land, houses, furniture, gold, silver, jewels, farm animals, etc.

    Even if the Jews had some way to take their money with them (which was far from guaranteed) they could not take their larger possessions with them. This permitted the kings to increase their wealth quickly with little risk.

    So kings had big financial incentives to expel their Jews, as did lords and dukes.

    Another reason why Jews were expelled many times from Christian countries was that Medieval Christians did not tolerate people whose beliefs disagreed with their own.

    Medieval European Christians also persecuted other Christians whose beliefs differed from their own. Two very short examples:

    EXAMPLE 1:
    In October 1536 CE, William Tyndale was publicly executed because he translated the Bible into English, even though he was Christian.

    EXAMPLE 2:
    “For the rest of his life, [Professor J.R.R.] Tolkien blamed his mother’s death on the financial and emotional stress she suffered as a result of her conversion to Catholicism and her consequent rejection by her family.”

    SOURCE: Myth and Middle Earth (chapter 1, page 22) by Leslie Ellen Jones, 2002 CE, Cold Spring Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724, JOpenRoad@aol.com, ISBN 1-892975-81-5.


    Most Christians alive today tolerate people with different beliefs, but this tolerance is around one or two centuries old.

    We Jews should THANK G_D that we live in an era when most Christians no longer believe their religion wants them to persecute Jews.

  7. The denial of the Holocaust is a punishment for those that denied Hashem because of the Holocaust.
    in other words if you use the holocaust to prove Hashem did not exist because he allowed it to happen. Hashem created that people will deny that the holocaust happened mida kneged mida!

  8. Never again is not enough with a holocaust denier. Mandated hope is never terror for violent contribution. These scared monsters want harm for sake of delight.

    Learn their lies so you can challenge their eyes.

  9. Mr. Hikind, giving him more attention and publicity. Just what these people are looking for. Just ignore him and he’ll go away.


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