Hikind Partners With D.O.T. To Distribute Muni Meter Receipt Holders



Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) will be the first elected official to partner with  the NYC Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) to distribute muni meter receipt holders. Assemblyman Hikind said that Commissioner Polly Trottenberg answered his call to help constituents who had complained of flimsy muni meter tickets literally flipping over due to a gust of wind after their car doors were closed.

“It’s fairly obvious to anyone who uses them that the muni meter tickets in the machines are a little thin,” explained Assemblyman Hikind. “My office was inundated with complaints, especially from experienced commuters. A member of my staff experienced his receipt blowing over, and the violation ticket that he subsequently received-along with an accompanying fine of $35.00-read, ‘muni meter receipt faced down.’ So clearly the city had already created this category for violations.
“While presenting the actual muni meter receipt to the Department of Finance results in a dismissed violation ticket, the nuisance is time consuming. Initially, I suggested changing the thickness of the tickets but that option appeared too costly to the D.O.T. Nevertheless, I applaud Commissioner Trottenberg for her quick response. The Commissioner recognized that the problem was real and she was quick to offer assistance.”
Hikind explained that his office is now prepared to distribute the special muni meter receipt holders that the D.O.T. generously provided. “I am pleased to make this service available to my constituents,” said Hikind. “It’s a simple solution and a welcomed courtesy from the Department of Transportation.”
Assemblyman Hikind’s office will be distributing the muni meter receipt holders. For further information, contact the Assemblyman’s office at 718-853-9616.

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  1. I keep a scotch tape dispenser in my car for this purpose. I also got a ticket when my receipt flipped over after closing the door. A small piece of tape solves the problem.


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