HIKIND: Misinformation Circulating Regarding Yesterday’s Attack in Brooklyn


By Dov Hikind

Sunday’s attack on 62-year-old Lipa Schwartz has left our community reeling. Everyone here from children to the elderly are aware that a quiet citizen, minding his own business on the way to synagogue, was viciously attacked and brutally beaten. As surveillance video clearly shows, the attacker did not stop raining murderous blows on Mr. Schwartz until another older man distracted him—and then the attacker chased the second man, apparently with the same intention.

Mr. Schwartz has been characterized in some reports as having had a prior incident with his attacker; an encounter that led to “road rage” as some described it. But this is patently untrue. Mr. Schwartz never saw his attacker before. He did not encounter him that morning prior to being attacked. Mr. Schwartz simply got up, washed, dressed, and headed for synagogue. He was a block from his home when a car screeched to a halt and someone charged at him, knocked him down and began to viciously beat him.

Attempts to mis-characterize this story in an effort to lighten the intent of the attacker are dishonest. Anyone insinuating that Mr. Schwartz did anything to provoke this attack—other than being obviously dressed as a Hassidic Jew—is misinformed or purposely attempting to distort what occurred here on our streets.



  1. Eric Gonzalez the protege da of ken Thompson whom hikind endorsed is the saying lies, dov name Eric as the cover up. By the way the guy has already been released

  2. Has anyone checked other security cameras in Boro Park to see if there’s any truth to the taxi driver’s claim of someone else hitting him? Or is it just a ploy of his to diffuse the hate crime charge and give him a “valid” reason to injure a Yid?

  3. Everyone who was the video knows “road rage” has nothing to do with the attack, it’s just the attorney’s excuse.Even if the guy is mentally unstable, he’s purposefully attacking a Jew, with obvious hatred.This guy needs to be locked up before he kills someone!


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