Hikind Livid at Con-Ed for Boro Park Outages, Ateres Golda Rents Generator for Chasunah


hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is furious about the double-talk he’s received from Con Ed regarding the outages in Borough Park. Frightened constituents began calling Con Ed Thursday night regarding power failures and the Assemblyman spent the evening on the phone trying to get straight answers.

“I spoke with half-a-dozen people,none of whom seemed to have communicated with anyone else on their own team,”said the Assemblyman. “Everyone had a different answer regarding what to expect but by this morning power was still out and I heard new stories from a half dozen others. No one seems capable of giving a straight answer.

“If a dry cleaner or caterer or anyother business in our community functioned this way, they’d be long out ofbusiness. Con Ed takes our money and has a responsibility to us. Our communitydoesn’t want to hear spin-we want to see results. The summer just started twodays ago-is this what we should expect for the next 12 weeks?”

Ateres Golda, a catering hall at 1362 50th , was forced-for the second time in three weeks-to rent a $10,000 generator at their own expense or else the wedding they were catering would have been cancelled. Continuants who could afford to do so left town and slept at hotels; others suffered without power.

Assemblyman Hikind spent the morning speaking to community members and Con Ed workers on 50th Street, Borough Park’s main thoroughfare, which is closed between 13th and 15th Avenues. “Management says one thing-or actually six things-but the workers say another,” said the Assemblyman. “Con Ed workers don’t expect this problem to beresolved as quickly as management has promised. It’s bad enough that we’resuffering like this, but at the very least give us straight answers.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. What is a “continuant” in the context of this story?

    My dictionary defines a continuant as “a sound produced with an incomplete closure of the oral vocal tract, that is, any sound except a stop (plosive) or affricate”.

  2. Dov is %100 right. These Unionized Con Ed are supported in their lazyness by Lord Bl$$mberg. When Guliani was Mayor & we had a major blackout, within 24 hours the lights were up & running. Bl$$mberg just keeps covering up for them just like the sanitation dept during the snowstorm last year!

  3. When I submitted my earlier comment yesterday I did so, not in the hope of seeing it published, but rather as a straightforward question.

    I had hoped that the person who so proudly claimed credit for writing the article (or his bosses) might reread the story, note the blatant error I had so thoughtfully pointed out, and correct it.

    Apparently that’s not the way things work at http://www.matzav.com!


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