Hikind Joins Hundreds of New Yorkers at “We Stand With Israel” Demonstration to Rally Against Paris Peace Conference


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) joined hundreds of New Yorkers at the “We Stand with Israel” demonstration in Manhattan on 47th Street this afternoon to rally against the upcoming Paris global peace conference slated for Jan. 15. More than 70 countries will meet to discuss promoting peace in the Middle East through a two-state solution.

“This conference is fraudulent with a sole purpose of undermining and harming the security of Israel,” Assemblyman Hikind said at Thursday’s rally in front of a crowd of hundreds. “Look at what’s happening in other countries in the Middle East, with our fight against ISIS. You would think that with ISIS killing thousands of men, women and children all over the world, that 70 nations would be meeting to discuss a plan to deal with ISIS, but of course not. They don’t think that’s of importance.

“How many civilians have been killed in Syria? Is there a conference in Paris to discuss this situation? No! What hypocrisy and dishonesty. No discussion about Yemen, no conference about the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Where are all of the conferences? There are none,” Hikind continued. “Make no mistake about it; President Obama and Secretary John Kerry are behind this spectacle in France, which is a continuation of the U.N. resolution that attempts to stab Israel in the back.”

On a positive note, Hikind felt relieved that a new shift in power could be the start to much better treatment toward Israel, saying, “Thank G-d we have a fresh wind blowing in and new leadership in the White House.”




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