Hikind Goes To War With Anonymous Dumpers Of Garbage On Boro Park’s 13th Avenue


boro-park Boro Park, Brooklyn – Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has launched a campaign to crack down on anonymous dumping of furniture, clothing, shoes, and other refuse which has been repeatedly discarded and strewn near garbage cans along 13th Avenue and other areas throughout Boro Park and Flatbush.

“This behavior is really unconscionable,” said Hikind. “Corner garbage cans are not a personal dumping ground for people’s bedroom furniture and other private trash. This is an abuse of a service provided by the City. Where is the basic decency and self-respect? I can only imagine what visitors to our community think when they see this kind of filth. I am going to war with those who are disrespecting and embarrassing our community.”

Hikind also noted that innocent small business owners have been issued Sanitation violations for items which were found dumped in and around garbage cans outside of their stores. “Sanitation tickets are a minimum of $100. It is outrageous for blameless store owners to have to pay the price for someone else’s mess. Not to mention that these kinds of conditions attract mice, rats and cockroaches. It is disgraceful and I am going to put a stop to it.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Bravo to the Assemblyman for trying to help. However what he is trying to address is only part of a larger, more general problem of people littering.

    There is garbage in many places due to people littering on a smaller scale. There are lowlifes who throw garbage out of their cars and trucks after eating in them, such as containers of drinks they were drinking and food wrappers. There are also people who throw out their garbage at home but do not tie it up properly, so it ends up blowing all over. And there are are other examples as well.

    The above creates a hefker, free for all atmosphere, that leads to more littering and dumping.

    We need a comprehensive crackdown on littering and dumping, not just on one aspect of the problem.

    And with the winter approaching, there needs to be a crackdown and enforcement against people who don’t have their snow shoveled and create a dangerous michshol for the rabbim with snow and ice.

    Let’s try to address all of the above.

  2. Must be outsiders to make Jews look bad. Hikind is involved because he believes it is a hate crime. Frum people are clean and abide by the law and common human decency.

  3. It’s a serious issue. Merchants should not be
    fined under such circumstances.

    Hikind is standing up for his constituents.
    That’s his job–especially when there is

    During Sukkos a large number of
    young fellows were selling “Daled Minim”.
    Unfortunately, some of those guys made
    a mess–they did not clean up. Failing to do
    causes problems for other “Yeedin”.
    (Some of the offenders are also “Goyim”; but
    I’m commenting on the Sukkos incident with
    which I am familiar.)

    “Derekh Eretz” is an important
    “Masechta”; it has an impact on everyone.

  4. maybe if the sanitation dept wouldn’t leave over part of the loose garbage by people’s houses,the people would’nt bring them to the public cans


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