Hikind: Don’t Trade Pollard for Terrorists and Murderers


jonathan-pollardAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says that the time has come to free imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, but the United States should not be advocating the release of murderers and terrorists. The Assemblyman’s comments come as rumors circulate that a deal is being negotiated by the U.S., Israel and the Palestinians to keep peace talks on track.

Pollard has now served nearly three decades of a life sentence imposed for spying for Israel.

“The freeing of Jonathan Pollard is long overdue,” said Assemblyman Hikind. “The amount of time that he has already served is a terrible injustice. Of course, he should be released but his release should in no way be connected with the release of murderers and terrorists who are sitting in Israeli prisons for their crimes against innocent men, women and children. We know full well that a large percentage of those released will return to commit further acts of terror against innocents.

“Half of his life has been wasted in prison. We pray for Jonathan Pollard’s release. But let his release be an act of magnanimous kindness by this country, which is founded upon justice. Let it not be an excuse to put murderous criminals back into circulation where they may end up being responsible for more tragedies.”

Assemblyman Hikind has been advocating for Pollard for decades and visited Pollard at the Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, North Carolina.

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This is a case of being smart above being right.

    If there is a way to get him out of Jail use it!

    I think all Mr pollard and his family want is to get out of jail…..

  2. I disagree. Instead of it being a glorious return it would be one based on severe coercion. To say that I am furious with the U.S. for using Pollard as a hostage, a pawn, is an understatement. I feel betrayed.

  3. You don’t release Pollard in exchange for murderers who will murder again. Why is Pollard’s freedom worth the death c”v of innocent Israelis???

  4. One Jew is worth more than millions of terrosit
    Hashem controls the movement of humans, they can not do anything without his command, and one tfilla of mr. pollard out of prison can make that happen.

  5. While it might be true that murderers are going to be released in exchange for pollard, up until now they have been released for free,; and if pollard isn’t released they will in the future be released anyway!

  6. #1: Actually, Pollard said he didn’t want to be part of the prisoner exchange.

    And, he just waived his planned parole hearing.

    Doesn’t seem to me that Mr. Pollard wants to get out of jail any time soon.

  7. I agree with Dov Hikind.

    Jonathan Pollard should be freed, but not if it means freeing murderers who target Jews or giving our Holy Land to Arab-Muslim-Nazis.

  8. #5- Torah controls the future, but that does not mean that there are not limits on the value of human suffering. Hashem will guide the world, and sometimes it means that there is tragedy and sometimes it means there is retribution. I still think that the release of the murderers is a crime and we will all be judged by the wealth we keep as a human resource.

    Never Again.

  9. #14:
    And, sadly, that was a huge mistake. Besides releasing murderers, it endangered every single soldier in the IDF. Hamas wants to capture soldiers because they know it’s a great negotiating pawn to get their people out of jail, and we fell for it.

  10. Shalit was a soldier in the Israeli army. There were considerations, such as morale, etc. It was still tremendously controversial.
    I think this is the pshat in Birchas Hachodesh of l’yeshua u’lnechama. Sometimes yeshuos need nechamos afterwards.
    Harbeh shluchim laMokom. Let’s continue to daven for the release of Yehonasan ben Malka, among others unfairly and disproportionately imprisoned.


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