Hikind Blasts New York Times For Excluding Israel on Map of Middle East


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) blasted The New York Times today following an article published on pg. 7 in Sunday’s edition on the Iranian-Saudi conflict, how it tore apart the Middle East and the power struggle between many of its countries. The article entitled, “How the Iranian-Saudi Proxy Conflict Tore The Mideast Apart,” included a map of the Middle East that left out one country: Israel.

“I’m so disappointed and perplexed with The New York Times for leaving out the state of Israel on its map of the Middle East,” Assemblyman Hikind told Matzav.com. “Did they forget that Israel is part of the Middle East or was it left out intentionally? I find it absolutely appalling that The New York Times would follow the lead of many newspapers throughout the Middle East that don’t accept the existence of Israel, and therefore Israel is not on the map.”

Hikind continued: “How can one of the most decorated publications in the world fail to even acknowledge Israel’s existence on a map? How dare you call yourselves the newspaper of record!”

Assemblyman Hikind demanded that The New York Times publicly acknowledge this error and apologize for it.

“It’s evident that The New York Times is pushing a bias, slanted view against Israel, and it needs to stop,” Hikind said. Leaving Israel off the map of the Middle East is exactly part of the problem with mass media and its attempt to continue pushing a liberal, progressive agenda. At what point do we draw the line?”



  1. Come on Mr Hikind, since when became Israel a muslim country where pro-Iran groups and pro-Saudi groups are fighting each other. The map shows muslim countries only, no Greece, no Ukraine. And so on.

  2. After The New York Times blatant false coverage of the elections, it is struggling to reestablish itself as a paper that adheres to fair reporting and not intentional bias. Even according to its own liberal standards, printing a false map of the Middle East just proves that despite its public apology in a letter to its readers, it has no intention to carry through and keeping to any basic level of integrity in its journalistic standards. It readers should be aware that what they read isn’t just biased information but it is also false information, printed with the intention of deceiving readers as to actual facts.

  3. The map also has the 1967 territories marked by a regular border as far as i can see from this picture, and not even a dotted line as in google maps…

  4. Clever. UAE was also not labeled. But the ship to sail for the New York Times is the jewish voter. He should be reading the Wall Street Journal. The NY Times is for women and poor kids.

    Could the war be just the pessimism of the hate-liberal? He does not read to improve his ticket to humor or worth.

    WSJ has the gold. NY Times is not even silver any more. It never was.

  5. The New York Times fits well in Bird Cages, Hamster cages, and all cages that animals can poop on, for that is the only use for the New York Times, also you can put it on the bottom of your garbage can before you put the plastic bag in it. The best is if you can have part of the paper after your neighbor is finished with it so you don’t have to spend your money on paying for the paper.

  6. If you look closer, Jerusalem, an ‘international city,’ in addition to Gaza and the West Bank are also off the map. It could be that practically there wasn’t enough space for everything, or that the NY Times was trying to abstain entirely, not realizing it caused a bigger issue.

    I’m curious as to why this article focuses on Dov Hikind’s response, not the NY Times’ error, which is the real subject at hand.

  7. C’mon guys Kuwait, Armenia, Azerbajan, Greece aren’t there neither. How big is your ego? I’m pro Israel but here is only a question of economy of space. Why Isarel and no Lebanon?. Everybody has a rigth to appear.


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