Hikind Asks Netanyahu To Decry Negative Media Portrayal Of Cheridim In Beit Shemesh


dov-hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has written to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu urging him to stem the negative reports coming out of Beit Shemesh about the Charedi community.

Hikind,who represents the largest contingent of Charedim in the United States, wrote, “As you know, a small group has recently engaged in contemptible behaviorin Beit Shemesh. Be assured that everyone condemns these hateful acts, especiallythe rabbinical leadership of the Charedi community. Unfortunately, as is oftenthe case in these types of situations, extremists on the left and others whoclearly have their own political agenda-particularly, Israel’s notoriously Leftist, anti-Charedi media-are using these incidents as an opportunity to degrade, ridicule,and blame the entire Charedi community for the acts of only a few.”

The letter continues: “The notion of tolerance and respect has long been a Democratic value. Why is no respect being shown to the largely blameless Charedi community? Why has Israel’s media deemed all Charedim to be ‘guilty by association’? This mentality is unacceptable. All people, regardless of their cultural differences, race, or religious practice, must be respected. I, therefore, urge you to publicly condemn those who have unjustly painted the entire Charedi community with a broad stroke.”

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. He should have added should we blame all chilonim for murder, theft etc…since almost all is committed by the secular public ???

  2. Assuming that, as Dov Hikind states, “everyone condemns these hateful acts, especially the rabbinical leadership of the Charedi community” why has this leadership been so unsuccessful in stopping the hateful acts? It must be that the hateful actors, while disguised as pious Jews, reject rabbinic authority.

  3. The media in Israel is having a heyday blowing this issue out of proportion, whereas real news in Israel is being pushed out, just so they can demonize the religious. These religious are not ‘religious’. They are whackos and no better than the Neturei Karta and who knows if they are not infiltrators, which is not uncommon in Israel. Why all of sudden these problems with the chareidim? Makes one think; just like the episode of the leftist woman who conveniently, purposely got on a Mehadrin bus, just to make problems and have the leftist media make it into a problem which it was not. There is an obvious war against the datiyim (especially the chareidim and religious settlers). Thanks to Assemblyman Hikind for exposing the media and requesting a stop to this libel.

  4. Comeon Dov,
    You should know better. Whatever the leftists do is perfectly legal. Now the right-wing or charaidim/dati’im – well that’s a horse of a different color.
    This avraich that asked the solder to move, did very quietly as not to embarass her. No, he DIDN’T curse her. And guess what – two police cars were waiting at the next bus stop. Gee isn’t that funny – they got to the scene within 45 seconds. Give me a break, it was all staged. What’s the crime? Looked, but haven’t found it in the penal books. Maybe she should be charged with provocation.
    BTW our ‘peace-loving’ arab that joined the flotila that tried to kill our chayalim was never charged. The leftists made sure of it!

  5. If it is so that these acts are not approved of by the greater charedi community then there is only one way that the world will (possibly) understand that – If the charedim in Eretz Yisroel show that they disapprove of these acts by saying so in public

  6. To comment#8:

    Believe it or not – I used to think the same way. But media manipulation has cornered that one, using it as a “religious certificate” on their continued incitement. As they say , “No good deed goes unpunished…”

  7. these thugs should be locked up and the key should be thrown away. They need psychiatric help.


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