Hikind Asks For Solidarity At Levi Aron Arraignment Tomorrow


pierre-bazile-levi-aron“During the immediate aftermath of Leiby Kletzky’s horrific murder, countless people of all races, ethnicities, cultures and religions banded together in an extraordinary outpouring of support for Leiby and his family,” NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind, told Matzav.com this morning. “It is only fitting for us to maintain the same level of solidarity and appear at Levi Aron’s arraignment tomorrow. I intend to be in court tomorrow and as often as I can to show my support to the Kletzkys and to ensure that justice is served. Levi Aron must be held accountable for his unconscionable actions if Leiby’s family and his community are to ever attain even a modicum of peace and healing.”

The arraignment is scheduled to take place tomorrow, at 10 a.m. at Kings County Supreme Court-Criminal Term (320 Jay Street) in the Ceremonial Courtroom before Judge Firetog.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. At the risk of being shot down in flames may I respectfully suggest that Leiby ??”? no longer needs our support.

    The people who *do* need all our love, ????? and ????? are those who survive him.

    May Leiby ??”? be a ???? ???? for us all.

  2. If “Leiby’s family and his community are to ever attain even a modicum of peace and healing…” it will be by recognizing that there is a TRUE JUDGE who runs this world… and you won’t find HIM in any courtroom – not
    in this world anyway!

  3. Shoin. We live in Golus. Those who struggle to grasp to a last vistage of a Torah life adhering to Torah V’Emunas Chachomim need our support.

  4. If you want to show solidarity with Leiby Hy”d, go learn a Mishna for his Neshoma. Going to court is stupidity.

  5. it is not stupidity. when someone is going thru smthng, and pple show up, it shows support. obviously you never needed to be in a courtroom, and u never hsould, but it is a scary place, and its nice othvae support there.

  6. Ask your Rov if you should rather go look at this Menuval/Rosha/Rotzeach, or rather learn one Mishna L’eily Nishmas Dear Leiby H”YD

  7. Dittos – Jewish peace of mind is not found in the NY State courtrooms. While prosecution is, of course necessary, we find our peace of mind by connecting to the true judge, our loving Father in heaven.

  8. Dov, you did a fantastic job during the tragedy, Here, however, how do plan on ensuring that justice is served? Last I checked you were not on the prosecution team.


  10. To # 9 and #10: the defendant’s attorney is NOT a public defender and is not paid with tax dollars. The scoundrel’s family retained the defense team themselves.

  11. *12:
    Why can’t you learn a mishna l,iluy nishmaso in the courtroom?
    The wound is still open for the family and they need our collective support as you would had any of you been in their shoes. Cut the insensitivity, stop the excuses and get real.

  12. #9,and #10, you are wrong, this is not public tax dollars thats funding the defense. There is no public defender thats defending the creep. As stated by the main attorney at the time of arrest, he was hired by the family. So #6, is right that the family needs to be held accountable.
    Check your facts

  13. it’s osser to impose anything against a yid that even in times of sanhedrin would not at this point be chayiv, there is deffinitly “no” heter to go to a erkuous to be mikatrig on any yid especially us poshite yidden, if anything this belongs to harav elyashiv slita and harav kanyevski shlite and if they don’t do anything who are we to make such a drastic decision, and just leave it to the ribono shel olom himself. if there wasn’t enough chillul this is adding salt to the wound. remember, when someone is mikatrig, his own books are opened. “NOBODY IN THIS GENERATION HAS A HETER TO PASKIN DEENEI NIFOSHOS” “PLEASE EVERYONE STOP RIGHT NOW AND JUST DO ONE THING – BEG HASHEM FOR THE GEULA SHLEIMO BIMHEIRO BIYOMEINU OMEIN”

  14. Dear Commenters,
    Please remember that this is a public forum and anyone can read it. Countless gedolim have said that America is a medinah shel chessed. While we may not agree with every ruling in the US courts, they are far better for the Jews than most other court systems we have had access to in the past and generally help keep our streets safe.

    Dov is doing what he and I’m sure his rav have agreed is the best course of action for him. I’m sure that if you asked your rav you would get the right answer for you, which likely wouldn’t be to complain about the American justice system or Jewish politicians.

    As horrific as this case is, the ability to defend oneself and one’s family in court is a fundamental tenant of the US justice system and is what allows us to defend people we love and care for. Please think before you post.

  15. It appears like a no win situation with all this. Because there are those implying that our support is pointless and learning some mishnayis liilu nishmas leiby a.h. is the only solution. But I question that view, because if noone shows up in court the Judge will get carried away and just not think of it all as a major issue. And then give a light psak. And then the next attacker will be back on the streets. Applying justice is to prevent further tragedies, not to exact revenge! And so to deliver this, a deterent is vital! Now Dov who knows a thing or 2 about the Justice system, knows how vital it is that we show up. And show how many people care for justice to be served. As far a Sanhedrin approach well I think it’s vital to remember what used to be done when there was no warning, and no witnesses, the Roitseach would be put in a kipa and given barley and everyone would wait for the Judge of the world-Hashem to kill him. And so to ignore the justice system seems pretty out of place, if somebody feels for the deceased and wants to prevent such a thing happening again. But the thing is we could be dealing with a Anti Semitic judge who may want to punish the masses if he sees huge crowds of Jews. It’s a hard situation to decide upon, and so perhaps a Gudol should be consulted.


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