Hikind Addresses Issuance of NYC Sanitation Tickets For Putting Out Garbage Prematurely Erev Shabbos


Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) addressed the community Thursday morning after an influx of NYC Sanitation summonses have been handed out to residents for putting their garbage out prematurely Erev Shabbos.

Since garbage pick-up is on Wednesdays and Saturdays in certain parts of Boro Park, NYC Sanitation has accommodated the Jewish community, allowing residents to put out their garbage as close to sundown as possible on Friday afternoon. Several residents have contacted Assemblyman Hikind’s office with complaints, claiming they were ticketed for putting their garbage out “too early” for Saturday’s pick-up.

“We greatly appreciate and understand the accommodation that the NYC Sanitation has made for us in allowing garbage to be put out before candle lighting,” Hikind said.

Added Hikind: “Every resident should be aware that they will receive a NYC Sanitation summons should they put their garbage out hours before Shabbos. To avoid being ticketed, wait until just before candle lighting to put your garbage out. I encourage everyone to help your fellow neighbor in adhering to this accommodation the City has generously made for us.”



  1. He Dov,
    How about changing the rule for erev shabbos to chatzos and if you have to show that a majority of the residents in the area approve of this. Wile your at it, get the rule changed for when yom tov is Thursday and Friday so people don’t get tickets for leaving their cans out as they hold by the shitah that the cans cannot be brought out on yom tov. We shouldn’t be thanking sanitation for this “accommodation”, the rules should be changed. Start calling out freedom of religion and religious prosecution if you have to.


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