High Court to Ashkenazi Parents: Send your Daughters to Immanuel School or Go to Jail


chareidimIn a dramatic and shocking ruling today, the Israeli High Court of Justice demanded that Ashkenazi parents who have refused to let their daughters attend a school in Immanuel with Sephardim must return their daughters to school by Wednesday or face a two-week jail term. The parents, meanwhile, said that they will not abide by the court ruling and will march to jail in a demonstration of their devotion to this cause.

The parents would remain incarcerated for two weeks or until the court received notice that the girls had returned to school.

Dozens of charedi protesters gathered at the courthouse and issued a statement that the parents refuse to comply with the court’s ruling and that they will not betray their position.

The court’s decision continues the ongoing saga in Immanuel, a settlement in the West Bank, where parents are being forced to attend one school.

“No court verdict requires the approval of any rabbi,” said Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy today during a court hearing on the segregation at the Beis Yaakov girls’ school in Immanuel.

The hearing revolved around a High Court of Justice ruling forbidding the segregation of Sephardi and Ashkenazi students. A compromise was supposedly achieved between the religious school board and the parents, but the Ashkenazi girls’ parents rejected the compromise.

The parents’ attorney argued at the hearing that “the parents have the freedom to choose not to send their children to school,” and that this is a basic right. He added that the court’s ruling prohibits segregation, but does not require the parents to send their children to school. “Where is the freedom of education, of conscience, of choice?” he asked.

Justice Levy said during the hearing that until the situation is resolved, the parents must return their daughters to school, saying “I was horrified. It was like there were never any proceedings.”

“The State of Israel has institutions, including its justice system. Without the justice system your state and ours would be unbearable,” he told the parents, adding that “I don’t know any law that requires anyone’s approval for a court ruling.”

{Haaretz/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Are they crazy to create this kind of peirud now during ikvessa dim’shicha. Now is the time of returning klall yisroel to be ke’ish echad be’lev echad.

  2. The Gedolei Yisroel, from Rav Elyashev to the Slonimer Rebbe, have indicated we will go to jail en mass in solidarity with Klal Yisroel.

    The zionist reshoyim can break our backs, but they cannot take us away from our Torah.

  3. i must be missing something – what’s wrong with sending your kids to a school with sefardim? (i’m ashkenaz by the way).

  4. I know a little about this case and there should be a major uproar over this travesty of justice. How can any free democratic country FORCE under court order anyone to send their child to school (or a particular school). What the courts can impose on the schools is debatable, but how on earth can one rationalize the right of any court to force a parent to send their child to a particular school. There has been demonstrations in the U.S. regarding the bones of our ancestors, I think it’s time to show how we also value the basic rights of the living. This is not a religous issue perse, but it definitely smells of chareidi persecution. Rabosai, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  5. No one refused to send their daughters to school with Sephardim – that is real racism. Actually there are Sephardim in the Chassidish class, some girls weren’t accepted because they didn’t want to comply with the dress code etc. The real issue is that the High Court wants to become the champions of the radical leftists and interfere in Orthodox education in Israel.

  6. Kol Hakavod to ALL the parents of the girls. Stand strong and united !!! You are being viewed as an example by showing the world what religious Jewish parents are all about.

    Kol Hakavod….b/c They are dedicated to their childrens education 100%, No Supreme court or any other organization will rule over the decision of the leading Rabbis.

    The Rabbis are our REAL leaders and we follow their advice.

    Now the judges of the supreme court should learn the meaning of ‘Daas Torah’.

  7. I just don’t get it, here in the USA we have separate school for the Sephardi and Ashkenazi students, they have many differences in the way they live according to Halocha, i.e. eating rice beans on Pesach etc. so why can’t it be understood in Israel that they need separate schools just like in the rest of the world.

    Next: who in their right mind would gives the right to the Israeli secular court system to advise the religious Jews as how to educate their children? the court is governed ONLY by those who could not care less about the Torah laws, and the community in Emanuel are Torah observers, the right thing would be to put this situation in the hands of the Gedolim – leaders-Rabbis and ad-hear to their Psak.

    I think what the Israeli government is trying to do here, is the following; they are trying to get their hands into the religious schooling system (boys and girls) and slowly sway them from the Torah way of life, as the government has done in the past, It’s scary but if the court wins on this one, they will continue to destroy all the religious schools in Israel, give them some time and the job will get done, the only choice will be is to close ALL of the religious schools who are being supported by the state of Israel, before they have a chance to Chas VeSholom bring down the rest of Klall Yisroel.

    In my opinion it might be a great idea to consider the idea of Home schooling, this way you know exactly where and what your child is up to. There is no other alternative to this horrible decree.

    This story shuck me up and I started to realize that we are in living in the days of the arrival of Moshiach, same time, the Yatzer Hora is doing what ever he can to destroy the small amount of Yiddishkite still left in the world, we have to be strong and Daven to Heshem, ONLY Hashem can and will help us greet Moshiach.

  8. I find it even more deplorable that the Supreme Court thinks that it can replace G-d and the Rabbis, as the supreme source of Jewish Authority.

    Religious Jews will NOT bow down to the anyone who seeks to destroy the allegiance between G-d and the people and our allegiance is to G-d and not any state, and certainly not the disgraceful anti Semitic self hating Supreme Court. I find it even MORE deplorable that the Supreme Court thinks that it can replace G-d and the Rabbis as the supreme source of Jewish Authority.

    Religious Jews will NOT bow down to the anyone who seeks to destroy the allegiance between G-d and the people and our allegiance is to G-d and not any state, and certainly not the disgraceful anti Semitic self hating Supreme Court.

  9. Just been announced that r eliashiv shlita was briefed tonight and said he couldnt believe this would happen. He announced that every person has a chiyuv to go out and escort/ dance these parents who are being moiser nefesh for their childrens chinuch. Plans are currently being made for half the parents to leave from yerusholaim and half from bnei brak to the prisons. This will be led by gedolim, rebbes, roshei yeshiva and thousands of bnei torah! How can we not encourage these parents (and some are going with babies) who are leaving their children for two weeks!

  10. If you read the Israeli reports you will see that these 100 parents are being labeled karbanos tzibur that are going to jail only because they’re unwilling to compromise on the chinuch of their daughters. The Slonimer Rebbe said that he will walk them to jail wearing his shtreimel and will set himself up outside the jail for the whole 2 weeks they will be there. So too MK Meir Parush said he will move his headquarters to the jail entrance. There is also a major parade being arranged where all are asked to come and escort them to jail. There will surely be many many thousands who will join. I encourage people from abroad to come special to Israel for this. One who’s been following this story sees clearly that this is a piece of history taking place that in a jewish state of Israel parents are going to jail for the crime of not compromising on their childrens chinuch and wanting to open a private chasidishe school. This screams to heaven!! A supreme court judge is to decide what the tznius guidelines for a school are??!!


  11. Can the poster please fill in the missing information? Where were these kids to begin with? If they were at the Sefardi School until now what happened? What is the school claiming (if they have any claim)? Why did this come to the court in the first place? Please clarify.

  12. To make this into an Ashkenzi, Sephardi thing is just going to cause sinas chinam. This has nothing to do with Ashkenazi and Sephardi girls. There are definitely a number of Sephardim that sent their daughters to Chasidi and are in the same in the same situation as these Ashkenzi parents today. It is so important to get the facts straight before you print something like this!!!

  13. The Mizrachim were brought to Israel in the early 50’s to be farmers, worker, front line civil soldiers who will suffer the Arab and Palestinian attacks while the Askenazim enjoying the fancy neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.
    In there life the Mizrachim were treated by the Ashkinazim the same as Arabs. An Iraqi Jew described his life in Baghdad and then in the Jewish State by saying: in Iraq we were Iraqi Jews, as Iraqi Muslims and Iraqi Christians.. but in Israel we were looked at and treated as Iraqis (Arabs) only (in Iraq we were Jews.. in Israel we are Iraqis.

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