High Court Says Israel Cannot Hold Terrorists’ Bodies For Hostage Negotiations


Israel’s High Court ruled on Thursday that Israel cannot hold the dead bodies of Palestinian terrorists for use in negotiations for Israeli hostages and the bodies of fallen soldiers held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The court ruled in favor of a petition from families of terrorists whose bodies are currently being held by Israel and granted the state six months to either pass legislation giving the government the proper authority to hold the bodies, or, to return bodies currently in their possession to the families.

Israel is currently holding the bodies of nine Palestinians killed while carrying out terror attacks against Israelis.

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  1. Well, if you have self-appointed-radical-sheberadical-leftist-pro-Arab-judges-for-life in the high court, it’s surprising they didn’t come up with this nonsense-of-a-law years ago. When will the apathy in Israel stop and throw these Jew haters out?

  2. Why is their bodies more worth than the Israelis? What a corrupt court. They shouldn’t return any of the bodies until those of the Israelis are returned .

  3. Not hostages! Just a simple commodity up for sale or trade. 10 trillion shekel to buy or exchange for Yiddishe soldiers. Not hostage at all.

  4. We are living thru the times of Noach’s generation, before the flood. Corruption is rampant. The judges are corrupt thru and thru. They could easily compete with the judges of Sedom before the malachim overturned it. Everything is opposites. How did these corrupt judges get into power and how can they be replaced?


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