High Court Backs Rabbinate Decision On Meat Incident

High Court

The Israeli High Court has again backed a decision of the Chief Rabbinate. This time, the question involved a controversy between the rabbinate and G.H.S. Quality Meats of Haifa, which the rabbinate accused of producing products without rabbinical supervision in another plant. Despite the company’s insistence that the products were being produced illegally by a pirate company outside their control, the rabbinate removed its hechsher and said that it would only return it under extra-strict conditions to ensure that the incident did not recur.

The court accepted the rabbinate’s position, saying that the circumstances involved in the incident required the rabbinate to behave as it did no matter who was actually responsible for the mislabeling of the treifa meat. Had the rabbinate behaved any differently, it would be betraying its trust, the court said.

The High Court has consistently rejected attempts to enable businesses to operate as kosher under agencies alternative to the rabbinate.

{Matzav.com Israel}



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