High Court Allows Tel Aviv Businesses To Remain Open On Shabbos


The High Court of Justice determined on Wednesday that the Tel Aviv municipality is authorized to approve the operation of 164 businesses in the city on Shabbat, subject to the terms set forth in the bylaws of the city.

The decision dealt with two main areas: one part dealt with opening businesses on Shabbat in three different complexes—Tel Aviv harbor, Jaffa harbor and Hatachana complex, while the second part dealt with the opening of supermarkets in some parts of the city, but not in all of them.

The decision was made after a previous High Court ruling determined that the Tel Aviv municipality should regulate the operation of supermarkets on Shabbat. The municipality passed two decisions: the first approved the operation of entertainment complexes, and the second, the operation of some of the supermarkets.

A High Court petition was filed against this policy, but the court ruled on Wednesday that there was no reason for it to intervene in the matter. Read more at Ynet.




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