Higbie: Internment Camps Precedent for Muslim Registry


Carl Higbie, a Donald Trump surrogate and head of the Trump-backing super PAC Great America, rationalized a proposal for a Muslim registry by citing Japanese internment camps during World War II.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News on Wednesday night, Higbie argued that if internment camps of Japanese Americans were once acceptable, a Muslim registry wouldn’t be so different. “It is legal, they say it will hold constitutional muster. I know the ACLU is going to challenge it, but I think it will pass,” he said. “And we’ve done it with Iran back—back a while ago, we did it during World War II with the Japanese, which, call it what you will it may be wrong,” he said, before Kelly jumped in and asked him if he was seriously suggesting the country return to the days of internment camps. Higbie countered that he was simply saying “the president needs to protect America first.”

The former Navy SEAL said that if protecting America “means having people that are not protected under our Constitution, have some sort of registry so we can understand—until we can identify the true threat and where it’s coming from, I support it.” Read more at AT THE HILL.



  1. What a horrific and un-American idea. It was a blot on America when we interred innocent citizens of Japanese ancestry and this proposal isn’t much better.

    On the one hand we have lefty loons who believe it’s unfair to screen Middle Eastern immigrants and that all airplane passengers should be screened equally because “profiling” is a dirty word, while on the other hand we have right-wing nutjobs who think we need to “register” all Moslems, including military heroes and government officials. One side seems to lack common sense and the other lacks common decency.

    Thank G-d the Soviets’ nuclear spies didn’t live in the current era or perhaps there would be proposals floated for a Jewish registry.


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