Hiddur Mitzvah and the Briskers


Sukkos is the Yomtov that’s all about hiddur mitzva. Just open up any periodical. Beautiful daled minim, spacious sukkos, s’chach mats, sukah decorations and more. Wherever we turn we are inundated with opportunities to beautify our mitzvos. But with all the hustle and bustle of Yomtov preparations, do we ever stop and wonder: what is this all about? Do I really have to spend all that money? I never even learned in Brisk!

As many of us are beginning the daunting yet exhilarating task of searching for the perfect daled minim, inevitably there’s that thought that creeps into our minds. Why am I doing this? Do I really need to do this? Am I going overboard?

shivti-2Believe it or not, the concept of hiddur mitzva is discussed extensively in the seforim, beginning from Chazal in the Gemara all the way down to our contemporary poskim.  But where do we begin to tackle this vast subject?  Once again, Shivti has done the legwork for you. They have provided all the relevant material and presented it in a manner that will enlighten you with the knowledge spanning the breadth and depth of this subject, from the ground up. If you are looking to enrich your knowledge this Yomtov or enjoy great learning material with clear marei mekomos that will wow your friends at the Yomtov table, then the Shivti Sukkos sefer is just for you. You can pick one up at your local seforim store.

If you would like to use this sefer as a learning program over Yomtov or as a seder limud for Hoshana Rabba night, please call the Shivti offices to arrange for bulk orders at 732-367-1060 Ext 4250 or email Shivti@bmg.edu.



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