Hezbollah Opens Terrorist Theme Park


hezbollahHezbollah terrorists have built a vast, multimillion-dollar “holy war” theme park to teach children the glory of losing their lives fighting against Israel.

The Museum for Resistance Tourism, constructed on a former war zone in the southern Lebanon town of Mleeta, features models of heroic Hezbollah fighters, destroyed Israeli tanks and a “Martyrs Hill” garden, decorated with guns and missiles.

Visitors begin their tour in a theater with a seven-minute video history of Hezbollah, which fought a 34-day war with Israel in 2006, during which 160 Israelis were killed.

The video includes a welcoming speech from the Shiite group’s hard-line leader Hassan Nasrallah, saying, “We hope this tourist jihadi [holy war] center will be a first step toward preserving the history of our heroic resistance.”

Outside, tourists can see the remains of fierce clashes with the Israelis, including trophies like a destroyed Merkava tank whose cannon has been twisted into a pretzel.

Visitors, including children, are encouraged to take turns raising and lowering an anti-aircraft gun as to fire at incoming Israeli air force jets.

Also on the sprawling, 60,000-square-yard grounds is a Hezbollah bunker and a 200-yard underground tunnel, with a kitchen, prayer hall and living space for 30 men.

It was used to hide fighters from the Iran-backed group during the 2006 cross-border war that ended without a victor.

More than half a million people visited the park, which lies about 50 miles from Beirut, in the first three months after it opened in 2010.

Hezbollah leaders have indicated that the park, which is officially sanctioned by the Lebanese government, will be expanded with some less ideological amenities – like swimming pools and playgrounds.

But as it stands, it looks like a prime target for Israeli bombers in the future war that both sides say is inevitable.

Nasrallah hinted yesterday that Hezbollah now has nuclear weapons.

In a speech to supporters in southern Lebanon, he said his group could turn the lives of hundreds of thousands of Israelis “to real hell” by launching precision-guided missiles.

“We can change the face of Israel,” he threatened.

Nasrallah, who holds the post of Hezbollah’s secretary-general, said Israel was still debating whether to attack Iran because “Iran was strong and brave.”

“We all know that the Islamic republic’s response will be very great and thunderous if it is targeted by Israel,” he said.

His comments came as the US Embassy in Beirut warned American citizens in the country to be aware of “an increased possibility of attacks” in Lebanon.

Source: NY POST

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  1. Why wasn’t Nasrallah taken out yet, after all these years? Where is the UN condemnation of Lebenon for allowing & encouraging this type of park?


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