Hezbollah Hints At Attacks On Israeli Passenger Aircraft


In a video circulated on social media to mark the anniversary of the death of former Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh, the terrorist organization appears to be threatening to attack Israeli passenger flights and popular tourist destinations in Israel.

Mughniyeh was assassinated in Damascus in 2008, in an operation that Hezbollah has attributed to the Mossad and the CIA.

Images in the video include El Al planes, as well as pictures of Ben-Gurion International Airport, passports, and the arrivals and departures board at Ben-Gurion.

Hezbollah has not been officially confirmed as the entity that compiled the video, which was published by Mughniyeh’s sister, Zeinab.

The general message of the video is one of revenge for airstrikes on weapons stockpiles belonging to Hezbollah and Iran in Syria and Lebanon, attributed to Israel.

Hezbollah has been busy on social media in general. On Tuesday, the organization launched a campaign targeting senior Israeli politicians and other public figures via the WhatsApp and Telegram instant-messaging applications.

One of the messages includes a photo of Mughniyeh, with the caption: “Revenge is inevitable, and the goal is clear, specific and precise—removing Israel from existence.”

The messages were primarily Hezbollah propaganda, and the unusual initiative appears designed to coincide with Israeli election season.

(Israel Hayom)



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