Heshy Friedman Helps Postville Yeshiva Purchase New Dorm


postville-yeshivaYeshivas Beis Sholom in Postville, Iowa has moved to a new dormitory building this week.

The formerly commercial building was purchased in November, and is quite spacious, allowing the Yeshiva to house the current Bochurim more comfortably.

The expanded space will allow the Yeshiva to continue its growth and accept many more Bochurim than in years past.

The purchase of the building was made possible in part thanks to a grant by Mr. Heshy Friedman, owner of Agristar.

Anyone wishing to make dedications for a room in the building or just looking to take part in this project with a donation may contact the yeshiva office at 563-864-3013 or visit their website at www.mesivtapostville.org.

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  1. To#2, the yeshiva is open to any one who wants to send is son. most of the kids are from out of town. its a good yeshiva with a good team of rabbis and teachers. clean of all the big city shmutze etc. a perfect place to learn.


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