Herzog Tells French President: No More Moves Against Israel; Two-State Solution Currently Unrealistic


Opposition leader Isaac Herzog of the Zionist Union met with French President Francois Hollande and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius at the Elysee Palace and urged them to stop promoting international moves against Israel.

Herzog was referring, among other things, to a French plan to push a resolution at the UN Security Council to force negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Decisions of this nature serve as a reward for terrorism and for BDS,” Herzog said. “Israelis would not accept diktats from the world.”

Herzog added, “The attempt to try and reach a Palestinian state now is unrealistic. A Palestinian state cannot be established now because the Palestinians currently do not have a leadership that controls all of their territories and could lead such a move.”

He stressed that while he is “a big supporter of the two states vision, we have to be realistic. It can’t become a reality now. The hatred and incitement among the Palestinians is just too great.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. This is a common sense. A two-state solution is not human commodity on human value. Still, we must find more rights as Israel will continue more values in the future.

    A greater Israel project is more likely. The Iranians have made such a mess of the company in the middle east that no one can think that arabs and Jews can currently live peacefully.

    I can think that the Palestinians would be much better off rebuilding Syria and relocating in the future years. They have done nothing to remain secure in their own hopes in the jewish land where they do not have any rights under any condition of human hope.

    An Israeli Constitution is needed. It will delineate the rights of Arabs in our land and the fate of our worth can increase as we build better community and hope valued events for the future.

    This is concerning. The worth of the jewish experience is not being attacked daily by an uncertain enemy who does not understand understood human rights and will not comply with human safety or human righteous negotiation.

    Until a problem with Iran is solved, we will likely be dealing with all arabs in indiscreet negative terms.

    Time keeps changing and the ways of G-d are more and more known.

    Right to think that Israel is only for Israel.

    Tainted human gashed fame.


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