Herzog Compares Amona Shul Rioters To Duma Killers


MK Yitzchok Herzog compared the protesters who fought with police today and yesterday during the evacuation of the Amona shul to the radical Jews who carried out the Duma firebombing that killed a Palestinian baby and his parents.

“There is a direct connection between the wild rioters who we observed in the last hours of Amona and the dissident group that committed the Duma butchery,” Herzog said in a statement. “A faction of brigands, with no connection to the peaceable Amona inhabitants and other settlers. I commented before this distressing evacuation that we cannot permit violent behavior of any type, certainly not versus officers who are our sons. We must all unite at this juncture and stand up for the democratic system and the rule of law.”

{Matzav.com Israel News}


  1. Mr Herzog, you judenrat traitor, the violence was committed by your yasam goons who invaded peaceful dwellings at behest of your immoral judenrat courts. There are plenty of properties, with documented Jewish owners, that were stolen by Arabs pre 1967; yet, the Israeli law enforcement does precisely nothing to return those properties to the owners that still have all the deeds and paperwork to prove the ownership beyond any doubt. Obviously, the problem is not the Arabs, the problem is the judenrat. Traitors just like Mr Herzog.

  2. As I counselled 6 weeks ago…

    “The Amona people should vacate ASAP and in a peaceful manner. The court’s ruling is correct. There has to be an agreed upon command and control structure in the Holy Land. Otherwise Civil War is a real threat. The Amona people and their supporters must not impede or harm the IDF soldiers and/or Police sent there.”

    Dov Lior and others of his ilk need to yield to a certain management paradigm now. They are at a philosophical dead-end. As I have known since 2005, Dov Lior’s interpretation of the Tanach is severely flawed. So much for various Jewish “judges.”

    As history attests, the Jewish people are blessed when they heed the right counsellors and are punished when they don’t.

    MK Smotrich’s comparison on Wed. 1/2/2017 of the Amona evacuation to the rape of a woman was reprehensible. So much for various Jewish “judges” now.

    גוּט שַׁבָּת


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