Hershey Friedman and Group Agree to Buy Agri


agriFirst report: The president of a Canadian plastics plant and two partners have agreed to buy a kosher slaughterhouse in Iowa that was the site of a massive immigration raid last year, pending a bankruptcy hearing, according to a report by the Associated Press. The move confirmed by bankruptcy trustee Joe Sarachek ends months of uncertainty for the Agriprocessors Inc. plant and the town of Postville. Sarachek says Hershey Friedman, president of Montreal-based Polystar Packaging, and two partners bought out the slaughterhouse’s outstanding credit.

The lines of credit were valued at $21 million, but Sarachek says the group paid “significantly less.”

Sarachek says the men bought the slaughterhouse under the name SHF Industries, a company formed in Iowa on May 6.

A date for the bankruptcy hearing hasn’t been set.

Hershey and his wife Raizy are renowned philantropists who have supported numerous Torah institutions and endeavors all over the globe.

{Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter/AP}


  1. Very interesting. There must be more to this than meets the eye. Heshy Friedman is a smart businessman. I want the whole story.

  2. this whole thing has been a total defamation and degradation and deportation and demonstration and whatever other adjectives you can find that might make sense. they trumped up charges. it all started with the UNIONS. listen to me. IT WAS THE UNIONS THAT COULDN;T STAND THAT rubashkin would cave to their demands. so they were joined by the PETA reshaim in doing whatever they could to hurt Agri, and they got support from all the Jew haters and whoevere else would jump on their bandwagon and then the government got involved and then you had the fools at Heksher Tzedek and things like that adding fuel to the fire and adding to the negative propoganda, and it just spiraled out of control, and everyone ran away scraed silly not coming to the aid of the rubashkins exceptfor a select few
    i really hope this works out.
    and by the way we will all gain if the meat production goes up and the prices can come down or at least stay lower than the prices have been

  3. Has it been worked out yet what place the Rubashkin family will have with the restructured company? Will the revived company produce the same kind of poultry & meat products as before?

  4. Let us all remember to keep being Mispallel for a full yeshuah for Shalom Mordechai ben Malka (that is the correct mother’s name?).


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