Hershel Herskowitz Will Not Run in November


As the Lakewood, NJ, community mulls over yesterday’s primary election results, with incumbent Township Committeeman 62-year-old State Senator Robert (Bob) Singer benefitting from strong support from the town’s senior developments to beat 44-year-old Hershel (Harold) Herskowitz, rumors have circulated that Herskowitz may run as an Independent in November’s election.

Matzav.com has learned that this is not the case and Herskowitz will not be running as an Independent in the elections. The deadline for submitting the proper paperwork to run in November has passed and Herskowitz is not registered to run.

The election will pit Singer – who yesterday captured 3,228 votes compared to Herskowitz’s 2,679 – against 54-year-old Marta Harrison, a former township committeewoman who was unopposed for the Democratic nomination, and 23-year-old Sholem Egert, who has filed as an Independent in the November general election for the single open seat on the committee.

Herskowitz, the owner of Toys for Thought, a Lakewood toy store, and the head of the Lakewood Downtown Merchants Commission, is currently sitting shivah following the passing of his mother earlier this week. He was thus unavailable for comment.

{Matzav.com Newscenter Lakewood News Team}


  1. Even if HH lost, all the shenanigans are now known and noone can take that back. We have to have Hakoras Hatov to HH for that.

  2. New Jersey has a “sore looser” law that bars a candidate from filing as an independent in the same year that candidate ran in a Primary.

  3. It’s called the Downtown Committee – the name is no longer the Downtown Merchants Committee (for obvious reasons).

  4. all those who voted for singer…you owe it to the rest oflakewood who will now be paying higher taxes and be the victims of corruption and wastefull spending.Thank you !!do you have hakoras hatov to balei batim supporting the mosdos and now won’t be able to due to tax increases.How selfish??

  5. let everyone vote for marta harrison like this even if we didnt get hershel in this time at least we can get bobsinger out which will be a gain init of itself plus it will give herscel a better chance at winning next time around(voting for sholom egert will work for bob singers benifit because egert has no chance of winning all it would do is take away votes for harrison)


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