Hershel: Approve Downtown Commission’s Recommendations


hershel-herskowitz[Video below.] At last night’s Lakewood, NJ, Township Committee meeting, downtown storeowner Hershel Herskowitz addressed the Committee regarding implementing proposals put forth by the Downtown Merchants Commission to improve the downtown area.

Herskowitz, who is owner of Toys for Thought and chairman of the Commission, is also a candidate in the Republican primary this June for a seat on the Lakewood Township Committee. He is seeking to oust longtime Committeemand and State Senator Bob Singer.”

Herskowitz related at Wednesday’s Commission meeting that there are businesses that are suffering because the Committeemen have so far not signed off on allowing signs for limited time parking next to certain stores. The ordinances are in effect, Hershel said at last night’s Town Hall Committee meeting, but the Committee has yet to enforce them.

Hershel also asked for approval for a downtown farmer’s market to be held occasionally in the Town Square, which he commented is often used for other, illegal purposes. The farmer’s market, he said, is an excellent idea to promote business and also give residents an opportunity to use their farmer’s market checks. The closest farmer’s market that accepts such checks, he said, is 30 minutes away from Lakewood.

Hershel mentioned several other recommendations made by the Commission to improve the downtown, including installing bike racks so that bikes are not chained to poles throughout the Clifton Avenue shopping area.

Hershel asked the Committeemen not to ignore the needs of small businesses in the downtown and to approve the suggestions that have been presented by the Commission.

Click below to view a video of his remarks:

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{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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