Hero Yungerman Remains in Critical Condition


zakaThe condition of R’ Menashe Kalifa, a yungerman who tried to rescue three-year-old Rochel Sofer after she fell into a manhole last week, improved slightly At Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital today, according to Arutz Shevah. He remains in critical condition, however, and is still on a ventilator.

As reported first (here and here) on Matzav.com, on Thursday, Rochel, or Racheli as she is known, was playing in a park in Ramat Eshkol when she fell into a five meter deep hole filled with dangerous gases.

According to reports, the Sofers had made aliya to Israel just two weeks ago.

The girl’s babysitter saw what had happened and called out for help. R’ Menashe Kalifa, who was passing by, jumped into the hole and managed to get the girl out before he passed out.

Rochel, unfortunately, was not able to be revived, and while R’ Menashe was extricated from the hole, he had to be taken to the hospital.

All are urged to continue davening for R’ Menashe ben Tipacha Shulamit.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Arutz Shevah}



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