Here’s What Really Happened in the Gaza War


hamas-rocketA top Israeli intelligence officer sat with foreign journalists on Wednesday to discuss the 50-day Gaza war. He said most of the Palestinian rocket launchers were buried underground, fired by remote control from concealed locations.

To date, the Israeli military has determined with “100 percent certainty” that Israeli forces killed 616 combatants and “terrorist operatives.”

There were 32 offensive tunnels dug with the intention of putting Hamas militants under the border fence. Fourteen of the tunnels reached the Israeli side. The Palestinians started the war with more than 10,000 rockets.

The general estimated that they have 2,500 or 3,000 rockets left, as well as thousands of mortars. Of the 4,500 rockets fired by Hamas and allies, 875 fell inside Gaza, meaning Hamas dropped explosives on its own people. Hamas fired rockets from, and sometimes within, the courtyards of mosques, hospitals, cemeteries and schools – and he had the videotape from drones to prove it.

The IDF on Wednesday presented photographs indicating that Hamas terrorists stored and fired rockets from schools and graveyards. One set of photographs showed a school by day, its central yard empty. By night, rockets looked to be stockpiled in the yard.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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