Help Save My Precious Son Eliyahu


-Communicated- One of the last things in life that I would ever want to do is ask someone for money but I have been left with a situation where I have no choice. I am writing this letter with emunah and prayer a that HaShem will send me shelichim to help save my son.

Eliyahu was a beautiful, sweet and talented boy! Bright and creative with a zest for life. After being abandoned and betrayed by an abusive father and a divorce that devastated the family, Eliyahu went down a path of self destruction. Drugs, alcohol anything that would dull the pain. At 17 he was on his own, homeless with no direction and feeling alone in the world. Kicked out from yeshiva after yeshiva he truly felt like there was no hope.

At 24 he has not recognizable by his family or friends. He has post traumatic stress syndrome, anxiety and depression which are preventing him from holding a job and living a productive life. He has alienated everyone who loves him and he is living in a prison of steel. he had drug induced episodes where he was not in reality and not able TO live a productive life. Miraculously thru Tefila and a gift from HAshem he has gone voluntarily to rehab.

My son is now in Florida at 12 Steps to Torah. This rehabilitation is absolutely necessary but very expensive. We his family do not the means to pay the $5900 dollars a month and we have no choice to to ask you to open your hearts and help us save my precious son. 


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