Help Is Now Desperately Needed To Set Rabbi Eisemann Completely Free


As reported extensively on, the most severe charges against Rabbi Osher Eisemann, the selfless founder of the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI), have been dismissed by a jury, but he still is facing a legal battle ahead of him to have the last two charges dropped as well.

Rabbi Eisemann’s lawyers are confident that the not guilty verdict on the three most serious charges will lead to his ultimate full exoneration, however a staggering amount of funds are needed to make that happen.

The community has shown remarkable gratitude and support for Rabbi Eisemann as his long and expensive trial has drawn on. Parlor meetings and events have been held in many neighborhoods, as Yidden of all stripes have displayed their incredible nesi’us ohl with this tzadik in his time of need.

Hopefully, the end of this difficult period is coming and the remaining charges will be dismissed soon, but a huge amount of money is needed to get to this outcome. $700,000 must be raised over the next few days to cover the legal fees and associated costs. If everyone joins together and gives whatever they can towards this goal, we will hopefully see Rabbi Eisemann brought to complete freedom.

A major campaign will be held over the next 3 days – until Tuesday night – to cover the full $700,000 needed to fully free Rabbi Eisemann. Donate whatever you can at or by calling the 24-hour hotline at 732-813-1212.

Everyone is asked to continue davening for R’ Osher ben Chana Frumit.



  1. When one gives he/she is actually taking as chazal teach Chacham Lev YIKACH mitzvos.

    Take the zechus of donating!

    May we collectively see yeshoua’s olamim bkorov mamash.


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