Hebrew U Students ‘Welcome’ BDS’s Alqasem: ‘Have You No Shame?’


Dozens of anti-BDS anti-terror posters directed at master’s degree candidate Lara Alqasem were hung and distributed at Hebrew University on Sunday, after the Supreme Court ruled   that Alqasem should be allowed into the country despite having served as the chapter president of the anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine.

The posters called attention to Alqasem’s support of Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist who played a key role in a 1969 bombing attack that murdered two Hebrew University students.
“You support a terrorist who murdered two Hebrew University students and now you want to study here? We don’t want you here!” read the posters.
The posters also suggest for Alqasem to study in Gaza, Syria or Iran: “Lara, if you despise Israel so much, you are welcome to go to Gaza, Syria or Iran. They will welcome BDS and terrorist supporters like yourself with open arms.”


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The shame is on the supreme court and on the university for admitting her as a student. Once again, we are our own worst enemies!

  2. Dog shame the BDU’s are not worn more often. Maybe the BDS can see what an armed Israeli citizen is. Put him at the university.

    Are we still waking up to the idea we do not need to daven? What university with jews has often any putting on tefillin? They do not know what to do themselves at all and they do not petition Hashem.

    Flatter the humor of the generation. BDS wants the campus. Israel has the state. We can just wait for it to find its final Bad Drum Stick. The world may just see a new day.

  3. ‘Have You No Shame?’</em?
    -She has the same level of shame as Hamas does when they gladly accept Israeli electricity and humanitarian aid, yet respond with terror tunnels.
    -She has the same level of shame as Hamas does when they send their relatives to Israeli hospitals and doctors for medical care, yet respond with attacks that target innocent children, including (literally) babies in their parents' arms.
    -She has the same level of shame as Hamas does when they accept Israeli food for their populace, yet respond with incendiary balloons designed to destroy Israeli crops and fruit trees.

    So yes, she has exactly the level of shame as the Hamas murderers that she proudly supports in their neverending frenzy of bloodlust against anything and everything Jewish.


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