Heathrow Airport Calls Out El Al As Least Quiet And Clean Airline


El Al came fiftieth of fifty airlines ranked in London Heathrow Airport’s Fly Quiet and Clean League Table.

London’s Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, has published what will be a quarterly Fly Quiet and Clean League Table, ranking airlines that land there for noise and pollution. The ranking includes various criteria, such as noise level (relative to size of aircraft), emissions, and efficiency of landing approach. The new league table is an expanded version of the Heathrow Fly Quiet program, which has tracked airlines’ noise performance since 2013.

South African Airlines, Alitalia and Gulf Air took the first three spots on the list which uses uses seven different markers to rate each airline. El Al Israel Airlines, which received a red (lowest) status for five of the seven measures analyzed.

Heathrow said that almost half of the airlines were violating at least one of the targets in the ranking, which is designed to improve their performance. Read more at GLOBES.



  1. And if they were to make a contest which airline is the safest , ELAL would win by flying colors. I’d rather fly on a noisy airplane and get to my destination than fly on a nice and clean plane and get blown up on the way

  2. Not sure why other commenters are up in arms. It’s a fair statement, El Al is indeed probably the most noisy and annoying airline to travel with.

  3. For security reasons, El Al planes usually do max-performance takeoffs, and they are exempt from noise reductions procedures.

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